Wang Da Dong and Huang An Qi is one of the main
couple in KO One. Their relationship can be considered one-sided love for both parties because they both love each other but the other did not know this. Luckily, Da Dong was able to confess his love and from that point on they became a couple. Sadly, not long after that, they broke up due to Da Dong's crush on Tian Xin and his best friend Xiao Yu's crush on An Qi, and also the fact that they were being targeted by a powerful enemy. Not long after their break up, An Qi returned to USA and continues to write to him just like before.

The StoryEdit

Da Dong has been in love with An Qi since before the start of KO One. However he was too shy to admit it. An Qi on the other hand, was also in love with Da Dong, but she never knew how Da Dong feels towards her and even thought that he hated her because he usually ran off every time he sees her. An Qi continuously writes letters to Da Dong from the U.S. but Da Dong never replied any of them. Even though she thought that he threw them away, she still writes to him. She never knew that he memorized all her letters but was too afraid to write back because he could not write very well.

After An Qi got back from US, she tried everything to get Da Dong's attention, even changing the way she looked, from a good girl to a gangster, just like Sha Jie (this was because An Qi thought Da Dong like a girl that is tough like Sha Jie).

After Lei Ke Si attacked Da Dong, she realized that her love for Da Dong almost cost him his life and ruined their friendship with Lei Ke Si. She also realized that those few years when she was in love with Da Dong, has made her disregard other people around her. Because of that she finally decided to return to USA. Luckily, Da Dong was able to stop her and confessed his love. From that point on, they became a couple.

Not long after they became a couple, Da Dong started to get jealous whenever his teacher, Tian Xin, cared more about her boyfriend than her students. Because of his jealousy, he started to neglect An Qi. At the same time, Xiao Yu became close to An Qi and An Qi then realized that he had a crush on her. Because everything that happened, An Qi and Da Dong finally broke up but remained friends.

When Da Dong and Xiao Yu (along with Ya Se) were busy dealing with Hei Long, An Qi was neglected by both of them. She then realized that she was unable to pick between the two of them because they both have special place in her hearts. So she decided to return to US, only leaving a letter to Da Dong. After she returned, she continued to write to Da Dong twice a week, just like before and they remained friends.

Facts about Da Dong and An QiEdit

  • An qi's gift
    For Da Dong's birthday, An Qi gave him a necklace that had a cross and a globe.
  • An Qi writes to Da Dong twice every week when she was in US. There were 573 letters and after Da Dong's battle with Lei Ke Si she wrote a farewell letter (so in total there were 574 letters). When she finally returned to US she wrote him a letter that she gave to Xiao Yu and she also wrote to him from the US. She said that she was going to continue writing to him just like before, so it can be assumed that the total amount was more than 576 letters. For further information see An Qi's Letters.

Da Dong and An Qi's momentsEdit

Episode 6Edit

  • An qi 6-1
    An Qi just came back from US and visited Da Dong's house. When Da Dong saw her, he became nervous and quickly ran out of the house. An Qi just smiled when she saw Da Dong.
  • At Da Dong's house, Da Dong's dad said that Da Dong still ran off every time he saw An Qi and told An Qi not to be upset. An Qi kept smiling and said that she used to it.
  • Da Dong's mom said that An Qi is very kind and caring so everyone liked her. She said that Da Dong seemed to like her but just did not know how to express his feelings to her so he just ran off every time he saw her. An Qi asked his parents whether he had a girlfriend or not. Furthermore she said the six years she spent with Da Dong in the elementary school were the happiest moments in her life.
  • When An Qi came to class, Da Dong immediately ran off and An Qi looked sad when he left. When Da Dong came back to class, An Qi asked him when was he going to stop hiding from her. Da Dong did not answer because he was still very nervous and quickly left.
  • Da dong 6-2
    When Da Dong saw An Qi in the teacher's office, he immediately ran off. Luckily, before he went to far, Form Teacher stopped him and told him to sit down. Form Teacher told An Qi to sit and she sat next to Da Dong. This made Da Dong very nervous and his face started to turn red. Form teacher asked him why he always ran off whenever he saw An Qi. Da Dong began to say numerous excuses. An Qi then defended him and said that was his nature. Form teacher said that because they were childhood best friends then they should get along. Form teacher noticed that Da Dong's face became very red and said that she understood the relationship between them. Da Dong wanted to leave immediately but form teacher stopped him and made him promised that everything would go back to normal. An Qi then said that she would help Da Dong got into a university. Form Teacher then told Da Dong that he could leave and he immediately ran off.
  • In his house, his mom was knitting a sweater. When he knew that the sweater was for An Qi, Da Dong blushed. Then his dad came to the room and his parents started talking about An Qi. Da Dong became nervous and quickly changed the subject of the conversation.
  • An Qi called Da Dong.
    An qi 6
    He was going to run when he heard her voice but she told him not to and she asked him to go out with her on Sunday. He did not say anything and An Qi thought that he agreed to her invitation. On Sunday, Da Dong did not come and told Lei Ke Si to accompany An Qi instead. An Qi was upset but she still tried to enjoy her time with Lei Ke Si. On that day, Da Dong went to school
    Da dong 6
    and he was thinking about his relationship with her.
  • The next day, An Qi came to school dressed up like Sha Jie because the day before Lei Ke Si told her that Da Dong liked a girl like Sha Jie. After Da Dong saw her dressed like Sha Jie, he immediately grabbed her hand and ran out of the class. Outside, he told her that he hated the way she looked. She did not really listen to what he said because she was extremely happy that Da Dong hold her hand.
    Da dong 6-1
  • That night at Duan Chang Ren's stall Da Dong talked about An Qi and their relationship. Duan Chang Ren even teased him because of his crush on her.
  • The next morning, An Qi went back to normal. She prepared some fruits for Da Dong and was going to feed it to him. Da Dong refused to eat it and accidentally dropped the fruits to the floor. She picked up the fruits but Da Dong acted like he did not care.
  • When the whole class was going to spent all the money of the fight club, An Qi wanted to come to but Sha Jie prevented her because she was not a member of the fight club or any of the club members' girlfriend or relative. Because of this rule, Da Dong also prevented her and left her alone with Lei Ke Si. When Da Dong left, An Qi was hoping that he would change his mind and invite her but he never did.

Episode 7Edit

  • An Qi was jealous when she heard about Tian Xin and Da Dong's relationship from Lei Ke Si.
  • The next day, An Qi prepared a lunchbox for Da Dong but Da Dong did not care because he was mad at her because he thought that she was the one who ambushed Tian Xin. An Qi cried and left class because Da Dong did not believe that it was not her who ambushed Tian Xin. At first she was going to skipped class but she returned instead because she believed that Da Dong did not mad at her on purpose and she refused to give up her feelings for him.
  • After school, An Qi told Lei Ke Si the story behind her feelings for Da Dong. It turned out that in elementary school, Da Dong took the blame for her when she accidentally broke the teacher's favorite mug. After this heroic act, she has been in love with him.
  • Da dong 7

    Da Dong's fantasy

    That night, Da Dong memorized An Qi's Letters again. While doing that, he imagined his life with An Qi when they grew old together as a married couple. After that he tried to write back to her and express his feelings but he wrote it so badly that the next day he asked Lei Ke Si to modify it so that An Qi could understand what he was trying to tell her.
  • When Lei Ke Si was going to rape An Qi, Da Dong tried to protect her but ended up getting hit by Lei Ke Si.

Episode 8Edit

  • 8
    Da Dong saved An Qi from getting raped by Lei Ke Si. Da Dong told An Qi to step back and told Xiao Yu to protect her. At first An Qi was reluctant to do so but then she followed his instructions.
  • When Da Dong fell after Lei Ke Si hit him, An Qi immediately rushed to his side. She cried when she saw his condition. She helped him stand up and held his arm while he was talking to Lei Ke Si. She did not stop crying even until the battle ended and was very worried when Da Dong suddenly fell and passed out after Lei Ke Si left.
  • At the hospital, An Qi kept crying because she was very worried about Da Dong's condition. She did not say anything to the others. She did not defend herself when Sha Jie kept blaming her for the whole incident.
  • When Da Dong heard that An Qi was not going to school anymore, he immediately rushed to her house. After he got there, An Qi refused to see him. Her butler gave him her farewell letter.
  • He read that letter on the beach and after he got back home he cried his eyes out. After Ya Se and Xiao Yu found out that he kept her letters and able to recite every single one of them, Xiao Yu threatened him to go and confess his love to An Qi.
  • The next day, Da Dong went to An Qi's house and told her his secret. She was very touched when she heard that Da Dong kept every single letter that she sent to him and even more touched when he recited them for her. Her butler did not believe him and he recited more letters for her.

Episode 9Edit

  • Da Dong recited some of An Qi's Letters for her. When she heard him recited all those letters she cried because she was very touched. After that she hugged him. He said that he never replied to her because he was embarrassed that he could not write very well. He said that he thought memorizing all her letters was his way of loving her.
  • The next morning, Da Dong picked An Qi up for school. An Qi said that she did not get on to anyone's motorbike. Da Dong replied that she was the only person to ride on his motorbike. He even prepared a helmet for her and helped her wore it.
  • At school, An Qi and Da Dong spent lunch break together. They ate ice cream together. She was embarrassed when he fed her the ice cream but they continued anyway because the others stopped looking at them.
  • Da Dong completely neglected all calls for him whenever he with An Qi. Even if he answered his phone he just said that he was busy and ended the call. When Ya Se told him about Cai Yi Ling, Da Dong told him to deal with Cai Yi Ling. He actually hid this from An Qi but An Qi asked him not to keep secrets from he so he told her about Cai Yi Ling. After that she asked him to promise her not to fight anymore. He said that he would try his best not to fight.
  • In class, Da Dong and An Qi sat next to each other. He became very romantic towards her which annoyed the other students. He even called her "An Qi Xiao Jie" (安琪小姐 / Miss An Qi). During break time, they walked together around the school garden. When the substitute teacher finally done with the lesson, Da Dong asked An Qi to wander around school with him. The way he asked her was very cheesy that Xiao Yu and Ya Se mocked him by doing the exact same thing.
  • After school, at Duan Chang Ren's stall, Da Dong kept humming a melody. He asked Xiao Yu to compose a song from that melody. He said that he would gave the song for An Qi to celebrate her first coming of MC five years ago. Ya Se said that was stupid but Da Dong said that if he was there in America with her five years ago, he would not let her endure the pain of her first MC alone. Furthermore, he said that he did not care that it was stupid for him to do that because in the future he wanted An Qi to know that no matter what happen, she would not be alone.
  • On their class trip, Da Dong and An Qi sat next to each other. He gave her some barbecued meat to her.
  • On their date, Da Dong was still thinking about what Tian Xin told him earlier that day, about the possibility of her resigning to marry Shao Zong. Because of this, Da Dong completely neglected An Qi and he did not even notice that An Qi left.

Episode 10Edit

  • 10
    Da Dong realized that An Qi was not with him anymore and he quickly searched for her. When he finally found her at the park with Xiao Yu, he apologized to her and promised never to left her again. She was quite upset that Da Dong took a long time to find her but she forgave him anyway.
  • 10-2
    The next day, Da Dong and An Qi wandered around school together. When the other students told him to fight, An Qi told them that Da Dong would not fight anymore because he was a normal student. Da Dong did not disagree with her statement and told the others to continue the lesson. Da Dong said that what An Qi just told the others was correct, that in order to get to university, they had to restrain they will to fight and be good students. After she heard this, An Qi was very happy and said that Form Teacher would be proud of him because he was able to maintain discipline even when she was gone. When Da Dong heard An Qi mentioned Form Teacher, he began to act weird and started mumbling about people should kept their promises. When he was mumbling he did not care about his surroundings and left An Qi. An Qi was confused of what just happened to Da Dong and she left for class with Xiao Yu.
  • 10-3
    An Qi asked Da Dong to go see a concert with her. He did not listen to anything she said because he was still thinking about Form Teacher. After he realized An Qi was asking him to the concert he said yes, but that night he forgot all about it and did not come. Instead, he went fighting with his other classmates.
  • The next morning, Da Dong left class to went fighting again. When An Qi arrived at class and realized this, she immediately called Da Dong and asked him not to fight, just like he promised her. After he heard this, he changed route and went back to class.
  • The next day, Da Dong became very rude to Form Teacher in class. An Qi realized his weird behavior and asked him to stop that. She asked him to keep his promise to Form Teacher that he would stop fighting and study so that Zhong Ji Yi Ban could enter the university. Because An Qi sounded very upset, he promised her that during class he would be normal and became a good student but after class he would act as the way he was before. Not long after that, their classmates came and told him about another high school challenging them. So Da Dong left An Qi to fight with the others. Before he left he said that he would call her when he got back home. An Qi could not do anything to stop him and went home with Xiao Yu instead.
  • When Xiao Yu told An Qi that the song he composed was to celebrate her first coming of MC, An Qi thought that this was a surprise from Da Dong and was very happy because of this. When Da Dong met the both of them after the fight, she immediately hugged him and thanked him.
  • The next day, Tian Xin told An Qi that Da Dong had been acting very weird lately. Furthermore, she said that Da Dong's weird behavior was like the jealousy between boyfriend and girlfriend. When she heard this, An Qi was shocked and kept thinking about it.
  • 10-4
    Later that day, An Qi and Da Dong had dinner together. An Qi was upset the whole time because she was still thinking about what the Form teacher said on the afternoon. At first, Da Dong thought that she was upset because she did not like the food but she said that she was fine. Da Dong then he apologized to her for his behavior lately and promised not to fight anymore. After this, he began talking about Form Teacher because he was very happy that she would not leave after he came back to class on that afternoon.
  • 10-5
    After dinner, they went to the cinema but Da Dong would not stop talking about Form Teacher, even after the movie finished. An Qi was very angry that he talked about Form Teacher all night long and immediately went home using a taxi. Da Dong tried to stop her but he was very clueless that he mentioned Form Teacher again. An Qi could not take it anymore so she left before he finished talking. In the taxi, An Qi cried. Da Dong called her but instead of apologizing, he mentioned Form Teacher yet again. An Qi was very angry that she hang up on him. After that Da Dong tried to call her again but she refused to answer.

Episode 11Edit

  • 11
    Da Dong told An Qi about his suspicion toward Shao Zong. He thought that An Qi would be the only person that would listen to him and believe him. After Da Dong finished telling her his suspicion, An Qi asked him whether he liked the Form Teacher or not. When he heard this, he immediately ran away but then he ran back to An Qi. Da Dong said that An Qi misunderstood his behavior and his story, however An Qi did not believe him and told him that he liked the form teacher. After she said this she cried and left.
  • That night, Da Dong became very conflicted over his feelings and he finally realized that he was having an affair, just like what Xiao Yu said. He went to Duan Chang Ren's stall to talk about this matter but he got very involved with his own problem that he did not listen to Duan Chang Ren and left with the feeling of not being helped.
  • The next night, after Da Dong ran away after Shao Zong told him the real story behind his suspicion, An Qi went to the river and sat on the riverside. She thought that Da Dong would go there because that was her, his, and Lei Ke Si's secret place when they were kids. However, Da Dong did not go there and she spent that night with Xiao Yu instead.
  • At school, An Qi was going to talk to Da Dong but Da Dong asked her to wait because he was discussing something with Ya Se, Jin Bao San, and the others. After they were done, he immediately left and forgot about An Qi. Fortunately, Ya Se stopped him and reminded him that An Qi wanted to talk to him about something. Seeing how busy Da Dong was, An Qi then decided not to tell him anything. After that Da Dong left with the others.

Episode 12Edit

  • Da Dong went to help Shao Zong and forgot his plan with An Qi, so An Qi spent that day with Xiao Yu instead. An Qi bought him a necklace as his birthday present.
  • Even thought she was disappointed that Da Dong forgot about their plan, but she did not blame him. She knew that Da Dong was the kind of person that would focused on one thing until it was done and did not care about his surroundings. At that time, Da Dong only had form teacher in his mind, so it was his decision and she could not blame him.
  • The next morning, An Qi did not come to school and called Xiao Yu instead. Ya Se asked Da Dong about this odd behavior of An Qi but Da Dong did not mind and thought that was perfectly normal. When Ya Se realized that Xiao Yu's phone number is for An Qi only, Da Dong did not understand what this means and thought that he had to ask An Qi for Xiao Yu's phone number instead.
  • That night, An Qi and Da Dong went on a date. Da Dong realized t
    hat An Qi was upset and apologized because he was forgetting her lately. An Qi then reminded him about his birthday and their plan to celebrate it together. Da Dong completely forgot about it and apologized to her. She then gave him his birthday present. Da Dong said that An Qi treated him the best out of all people. Then, he promised never to forget about her again and hoped that she would not be mad at him anymore. She said that she was not mad at him, but Da Dong knew she was mad with him. He said that he would make it up for her by celebrating his birthday with her on that day, but An Qi refused because she already celebrated with Xiao Yu. An Qi then told him that Xiao Yu might like her and that she did not reject him. After hearing this Da Dong was very shocked.
  • The next afternoon, Da Dong asked Xiao Yu about his feelings towards An Qi. Xiao Yu confirmed that he was in love with An Qi but he willing to make sacrifices. So he let Da Dong do anything he wants to him. However, Da Dong cannot bare to hurt him and said that An Qi belongs to Xiao Yu.
  • 12
    After his confrontation with Xiao Yu, Da Dong drenched himself in man-made rain (Jin Bao San and the others sprayed him using fire hose). When An Qi saw this, An Qi cried and ran towards him. She asked him to stop but he did not say anything. Not long, Xiao Yu joined the both of them and after that form teacher joined them.
  • Later that day, Tian Xin asked Da Dong what happened, but he would not tell her. He felt very bad that An Qi was willing to stand beside him but he ignored her. He felt even more guilty because he did not even realized that she was crying. Da Dong was tearing up when he was about to tell the truth but before he could start he sense someone very powerful with high desire to kill. Because of this, he immediately stopped and protected form teacher. After that person left, Form Teacher thought that he was doing that to avoid telling her the truth so she left and said that she was going to asked An Qi instead.
  • An Qi and Xiao Yu talked about what happened on the afternoon. An Qi said that Da Dong was that kind of person, he rather step back than fight Xiao Yu, just like he secretly memorizing 500 letters. An Qi said that her feelings for Da Dong would never change but she was confused on how to decide her feelings. Before they could finish their conversation, Xiao Yu felt the presence of a stronger opponent with high desire to kill. So he stopped talking and was on guard.

Episode 13Edit

  • An Qi did not sit next to Da Dong in class anymore. Even though they already broke up, but Da Dong kept thinking about his relationship with An Qi and Xiao Yu.
  • When Da Dong and Xiao Yu met An Qi in the hallway, all three of them became awkward towards each other.
  • In class, when Da Dong suddenly felt someone powerful and stayed on guard, he told Xiao Yu to take An Qi away from there if something happened.
  • An Qi and Da Dong accompanied Xiao Yu after he broke his arm. Da Dong was surprised when Xiao Yu agreed to An Qi's advice and willing to stay with Da Dong. In Da Dong's bedroom, Da Dong said that Xiao Yu did not owe him anything because An Qi chose him and that was her choice. After that he was going to leave the house to look for "that person". He said to Xiao Yu that if he did not come back, he wanted Xiao Yu to take care of An Qi for him.
  • At class, Xiao Yu insisted that he could still fight but Da Dong told him not to act tough and asked him to take care of An Qi.
  • In the restaurant, form teacher asked Da Dong, An Qi, and Xiao Yu to tell her their love stories. After they heard this they became quiet and very awkward. When Ya Se was telling them his love story, Da Dong told Xiao Yu via telepathy to stay and protect Form Teacher and An Qi when the terrifying guy came.

Episode 14Edit

  • After Da Dong got injured because of Su Huan Needle, he was unable to go outside the house. However, he still worried about An Qi and told Xiao Yu to spend more time with her.
  • An Qi decided to return to the US. She gave Xiao Yu a letter to give to Da Dong and said that Da Dong and him were special in her heart. She also asked him to take care of Da Dong and himself.
  • Xiao Yu realized that An Qi still loves Da Dong.
  • On her way to the airport, An Qi thought and remembered all the things involving Da Dong and Xiao Yu. While she was thinking this, she cried. She said that she did not regret anything that happened between her and Da Dong because these days that have pass were enough for her to think of for the rest of her life.

Episode 15Edit

  • Da Dong got An Qi's letter from America (576th Letter). At first he was confused because he thought An Qi was still in Taiwan. After he read the letter, he quickly ran out off his house to find Xiao Yu and get things straight.

Episode 16Edit

  • Da Dong and Xiao Yu laughed and talked together. Da Dong said that it had been a long time since they were very relax. Then he asked whether Xiao Yu missed An Qi or not. Xiao Yu did not answer and asked him back instead. In short, Da Dong said that he used to that kind of situation and continued to miss her. After that Da Dong asked Xiao Yu about the MC Song he asked Xiao Yu to compose for An Qi. Xiao Yu then gave Da Dong his earphone and he listened to the song.

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