Wu Hu Jiang (武虎將)

You may be looking for Five Tiger Generals...

Chinese: 武虎將
Pronunciation: Wu Hu Jiang

Wu Hu Jiang (武虎將) is a real-life music band formed in late 2008. Their name is a reference to the Five Tiger Generals (五虎將) in the series of K.O.3an Guo. It consists of five members, George Hu, Bo Yan, Benji, Shao Xiang and Si Wei Hong Zheng.

George Hu is the only member to maintain his stage name while most of his teammates have a change of name.

Bo Yan's departureEdit

Sometime after Wu Hu Jiang was formed, Bo Yan was forced to leave the band for personal reasons, but remains a part of the cast.


Former membersEdit

Filmography Edit

George Hu Edit

Benji Edit

  • Love Catcher as Mark (TTV, 2008)
  • K.O.3an Guo as Zhao Yun (FTV, 2009)
  • Black & White as Sarkozy G (PTS, 2009)

Bo Yan Edit

Shao Xiang Edit

  • Say Yes Enterprise (TTV, 2004)
  • It Started With A Kiss as Zhang Wu Ren (CTV, 2005)
  • Wayward Kenting (PTS, 2007)
  • K.O.3an Guo as Ma Chao (GTV, 2009)

Si Wei Hong Zheng Edit

MV Edit


  • 原來我愛你 by Sara (2007)
  • 冷戰 by Rainie Yang (2008)


  • 思念是一種病 by Chang Chen-Yue (2007)

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