Xiao La
Xiao La
Chinese Name 小辣
Role Minor character
KO Rank N/A
Gender Male
Species Power-user
Aura N/A
Battle Level N/A
Abilities N/A
Special abilities N/A
Weapons N/A
Status: Alive
Home World The Gold Dimension
Alternate counterpart(s) Xia Mi (The Iron Dimension)
First Appearance Episode 1, KO One
Portrayed by Lu Jian Yu (陸建宇)

Xiao La (小辣) is a member of the Ultimate Class, and Jin Bao San's follower.

He has an older brother named Da La, but their size and heights appear to be opposite.

Jin Bao San introduces them as, "Zhe Shi Xiao La, Zhe Shi Da La, Zhi Zhu Le, Xiao La Hen Da, Da La Hen Xiao" (这是小辣,这是大辣,止住了,小辣很大,大辣很小). Translation = "This is Xiao La (Little La). This Is Da La (Older La). Stop. Xiao La is very big. Da La is very small."

Alternate CounterpartEdit

The Iron Dimension Edit

He has an alternate counterpart in The X-Family (終極一家) called Xia Mi.

The Silver Dimension Edit

His alternate counterpart in the Silver Dimension is a nameless mobster who only appeared in one scene in the 24th Round.


His name refers to "small spice" in English.

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