Xiao Long Nu and Guo Er
Guo Er and Gu Gu
Chinese Name 小聾女 & 過兒
Full Name N/A
Role Support characters
Gender Guo Er - male
Xiao Long Nu - female
Species Power-users
Aura N/A
Abilities Prescience, super-speed
Special abilities Lousy medicinal treatment
Weapons N/A
Status Alive
Dimension The Iron Dimension
Alternate counterparts (Xiao Long Nu) Xiao Qiao's friend (The Silver Dimension)
First Appearance Round 10, The X-Family
Portrayed by (Xiao Long Nu) Qiu Er
(Guo Er) Eric Li

Xiao Long Nu (小聾女) and Guo Er (過兒) are a couple of magical doctors, and lovers.

When Ye Si Ren explained to Xia Yu how they discovered he was a muggle, a flashback was shown with Ye Si Ren and Xia Xiong taking baby Xia Yu to the two doctors, who were as young as they are now, which makes it seem that they have lived for hundreds of years unaged.

Whenever they check on a patient, they always reply with either "Dead for sure" (死定了!死定了) or "Cannot be saved" (沒救了!). That is why when the Xia Family needs help they mimic them and start saying "Dead or sure... Dead for sure..." (死定了。。。死定了。。。) and "Cannot be saved" (没救了。。。没救了。。。).

Xiao Long Nu has a habit of acting as if she doesn't hear anything (The Long (聾) used here means deaf), but she actually does.

These two characters were written off in the middle of the show, but Xiao Long Nu's apprentice has appeared in the loft of "Iron Imperial Army" (鐵克禁衛軍) caring for Jiu Wu and Xia Tian.


Xiao Long Nu is mostly titled Gu Gu (姑姑).


Whenever someone calls out their names, they will appear immediately, even if they are by accident.

As doctors, they are very resourceful and knowledgeable about medicine.

Xiao Long Nu is known for checking on people's conditions by poking her two fingers into her patient's nose.

Alternate Counterpart Edit

The Silver Dimension Edit

Gu Gu has an alternate counterpart in the Silver Dimension. Nothing is known about her other than being Xiao Qiao's friend.

The Gold Dimension Edit

In the ten year flashforward of the Gold Dimension, she has another counterpart named Qiu Qiu.

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