Xiao Qiao and Zhao Yun are
one of the main relationship in the first season of K.O.3an Guo. They have never been more than friends, but both of them did show each other some kind of affection which makes others (such as Cao Cao) think that they are more that just friends.

At first Xiao Qiao has a crush on Zhao Yun, just like any other girl in the school (except Diao Chan). As the show progresses Zhao Yun starts to become very protective of her. However, their feeling towards each other has never been more than friends or brother-sister type. At the end of K.O.3an Guo they remain close friends.

The StoryEdit

Xiao Qiao and Zhao Yun first met in the 1st Round of K.O.3an Guo. Just like any other girls (except Diao Chan), Xiao Qiao was affected by Zhao Yun's persona and quickly became friends. When Zhao Yun lost his martial arts skills due to Lock Maria, Xiao Qiao was determine to help him regain his powers back. This made them even closer than before.

Zhao Yun and Xiao Qiao became very close that some people thought they had feelings for each other and might be a couple one day. When Xiao Qiao failed the mid term test, Zhao Yun quickly went to her side and comforted her. When Zhao Yun was selected to go to battle against Nan Xiong Nu High School, Xiao Qiao was very worried. She gave him fragrant pouch to bring him good luck, but accidentally got poisoned by it. Then she helped him drink the medicine, but it contained chicken fesses and made him passed out. After that she tried to apologized using a letter but while she was throwing the knife, with the letter attached to it, but she tripped and hit Zhao Yun's butt instead. After all of this, Xiao Qiao became depressed because she was not able to help with anything. Even though Xiao Qiao caused him numerous pain, Zhao Yun did not get mad at her and did not blame her for everything that had happened.

In the 27th Round, Zhao Yun finally said that he treated Xiao Qiao as a sister and not more. After this, they were rarely seen to be affectionate at each other. Before Zhao Yun left for war in the 38th Round, Xiao Qiao made him a big chicken mascot to bring him good luck. Zhao Yun said that out of all his friends, Xiao Qiao was the only one he was worried of and told her to take better care of herself after he left.

Zhao Yun and Xiao Qiao finally reunited at 49th Round, but at that time Xiao Qiao was already with Zhou Yu. Zhao Yun said that he might have feelings for her but Xiao Qiao did not take this seriously. Xiao Qiao was very happy that he could treat her as a sister and after he heard this, Zhao Yun did not say anything and only smiled at her. It seemed that he had agreed to remain good friends with her and become an older brother figure in Xiao Qiao's life.

Xiao Qiao and Zhao Yun MomentsEdit

1st Round Edit

  • Xiao qiao 1
    Zhao Yun walked into the room and suddenly Xiao Qiao felt that she was in love and when he looked away her heart suddenly broke, literally.
  • Xiao Qiao and Diao Chan asked Zhao Yun to shut up the man shouting in front of the school. He promised and fight Guan Yu to keep his promise to her.

7th RoundEdit

  • Zhao yun 7
    On her way to school, Xiao Qiao saw Zhao Yun who got severely injured because Lu Meng and his friends beat him up.
  • At first Xiao Qiao laughed when she new that Zhao Yun lost to three elementary students but then she feel bad and help him treat his wound and help him restore his power.

8th RoundEdit

  • After Zhao Yun lost his power, Xiao Qiao tried many things to help him restore his power. This made them spent a lot of time together and grew closer towards each other.
  • When Zhao Yun was in the bath tub, he was surrounded by the other members of Wu Hu Jiang, Xiu (as Liu Bei), Cao Cao, Hua Tuo, and Xiao Qiao. In this scene, it is shown that Xiao Qiao was not afraid or embarrassed to see Zhao Yun half naked, instead smiling about it and blushed. As for Zhao Yun, he was embarrassed and tried to cover his lower body part with rose petals when he realized that Xiao Qiao was also in the room with the other guys.
  • Xiao Qiao was the last person to leave the bathroom. After the other guys left, she talk to Zhao Yun for a moment and then left.
  • After Zhao Yun realized that he was affected by Lock Maria, Ma Chao said that he could not be cured. He also mentioned one person who was affected with Lock Maria was not able to feed himself. After Xiao Qiao heard this, she said to Zhao Yun that she was willing to feed him food and then smiled at each other.
  • When Zhao Yun suddenly passed out after the other guys along with Xiao Qiao transferred their powers to him, she was the first person to realize it. She quickly screamed his name and rushed over to him immediately. She was the first person that got close to him, even though she was the last one in line of the power transfer meaning that she had the longest distance.
  • Xiao Qiao was willing to sneak into Dong Zhuo's office to steal the remote that can unlock Zhao Yun's power.
  • Zhao Yun did not allow Xiao Qiao to go to Dong Zhuo's office and steal the remote. At first, Xiao Qiao thought that Zhao Yun would not let her because he was in love with her but this was wrong. Zhao Yun did not want Xiao Qiao to steal the remote because it is a very dangerous task especially for a girl.
  • After she realized that she stole the fake remote and made Zhao Yun passed out she cried and blaming herself.

9th RoundEdit

  • When Zhao Yun passed out after using the remote, Xiao Qiao was very sad that she cried beside his body and punching him while begging him to wake up.
  • After Zhao Yun's power restored, Xiao Qiao hugged him with excitement which surprised every body in the room.
  • In the classroom, Xiao Qiao continuously with Zhao Yun. She even massage his shoulders while he was talking to the other member of Wu Hu Jiang and Xiu / Liu Bei.

11th RoundEdit

  • Xiao Qiao approached Zhao Yun, who was alone at that time. She noticed that he seems to be tired and noticed that his body had dog scent.
  • When Xiao Qiao said that she understood dogs very well, Zhao Yun asked her to help raise Wu Hu Jiang's dog, which was originally Dong Zhuo that switch personality with Huang Jin High School's dog.

15th RoundEdit

17th RoundEdit

  • When Diao Chan was trying to make Guan Yu to share his ice cream with her, everyone else was also sharing their ice cream. Xiu/Liu Bei with Ah Xiang, Ma Chao with Huang Zhong, and Zhao Yun with Xiao Qiao.
  • When Zhang Fei did not get a partner to share ice cream with, he was going to take a bite from Zhao Yun and Xiao Qiao's ice cream, but Xiao Qiao would not let him, saying that the ice cream was theirs (referring to Zhao Yun and herself). Zhao Yun did not say anything but he agreed with Xiao Qiao and nodded to show his agreement.

18th RoundEdit

  • Zhao yun 18
    While studying for their exam, Zhao Yun and Xiao Qiao studied together. It seems that they are study partner because everyone else also studied in couple (Guan Yu with Zhang Fei, Ma Chao with Huang Zhong).
  • When Xiao Qiao said that she failed, Zhao Yun was very shocked but kept reminding her to stay strong. At first, Zhao Yun stayed by Zhang Fei's side to cheer him up, but when Diao Chan said she was going to take a walk and cheer Xiao Qiao up, he told Zhang Fei to hang on and left to go with Diao Chan and Xiao Qiao. He said to Xiao Qiao not to be sad and worried because they would let her leave. After that he rubbed her head. Xiao Qiao then nodded her head and smiled for him.

19th RoundEdit

  • Zhao yun 19
    After Xiao Qiao and Zhang Fei were saved from expulsion, Zhao Yun said to Xiao Qiao that it was just like what he already told her, that they would not let her leave. At the same time, he also rubbed her head, as usual. Xiao Qiao looked at him and smiled to him after hearing this.

20th RoundEdit

  • When Dong Zhuo was picking names that going to set off for war, Xiao Qiao sit next to Zhao Yun.
  • Xiao Qiao gave Zhao Yun and Xiu/Liu Bei fragrant pouches in hope that these fragrant pouches would bring luck to both of them. Zhao Yun's fragrant pouch was twice the size Xiu/Liu Be's fragrant pouch.
    • Xiao Qiao's apology letter
    When Zhao Yun got poisoned from the fragrant pouch, Xiao Qiao was very worried and she stayed by his side on the hospital. She also helped him drink the medicine.
  • Xiao Qiao felt very bad for the incident that she called him and apologized to him via SIMAN.
  • Xiao Qiao wrote an apology letter for Zhao Yun and signed it with two hearts. She was going to throw it with a knife and it should hit the tree in front of him but she tripped and hit his butt instead.

21st RoundEdit

  • When Guan Yu saw Diao Chan and Xiao Qiao waiting for them (Wu Hu Jiang, Xiu/Liu Bei, and Ah Xiang) on the harbour, Guan Yu said that Xiao Qiao was waiting for Zhao Yun.
  • At first, Zhao Yun did not care about what Guan Yu said but then suddenly he used Ma Chao's binoculars to see Xiao Qiao.
  • When Zhao Yun and his friends got back, Xiao Qiao did not hug him, but hug Ah Xiang instead; however, she did wave and look at him. He also waved and smiled to her.
  • Ma Chao, Huang Zhong, Zhang Fei thought that Xiao Qiao was waving at them so they waved back, but when Xiao Qiao stopped waving and still smiling to Zhao Yun, they realized that her wave, her look, and her smile were for Zhao Yun only.
  • XiaoQiao & ZhaoYun
    After Ah Xiang done talking to Xiao Qiao, Zhao Yun asked Xiao Qiao whether she was fine or not. She replied by saying that she was fine. Zhao Yun noticed that Xiao Qiao was not as happy as usual but Xiao Qiao denied it and said that she was very happy all of her friends can come home safely. Zhao Yun said that he did not blame her for the incident (when he got poisoned after smelling the good luck charm she gave to him) or the knife that hit his butt. He said that if she was feeling sad or down, she can talk to him.

22nd RoundEdit

  • When Huang Zhong asked Xiao Qiao to go out and help him, Zhao Yun was surprised and asked where they wanted to go and wanted to go with them. But Ah Xiang prevented him (and Cao Cao), so Xiao Qiao left the house only with Huang Zhong.
  • After thair martial arts lesson, Xiao Qiao and Zhau Yun walked together. Xiao Qiao asked Zhao Yun to teach her martial arts and he agreed.

23rd Round Edit

  • Zhao yun 23
    When Xiao Qiao realized that she forgot to bring her math book, Zhao Yun was going to lend his book to her and offered to tutor her if she did not understand the lesson, but she refused and borrowed Ah Xiang's book instead. This is to avoid misunderstanding between Xiao Qiao and her classmates that might think there is something going on between her and Zhao Yun.
  • Zhao Yun was very worried when Xiao Qiao suddenly passed out and he stood the closest to her by her bed side in the school infirmary.
  • In Cao Cao's, Xiao Qiao was laying on the couch and Zhao Yun sat next to her. When Cao Cao asked everyone to leave the room, Zhao Yun insisted on staying to give Xiao Qiao his support.
  • After she woke up, he tapped her head and told her not to forget bringing her books next time. She replied by nodding and smiling to him.

24th RoundEdit

  • Yunqiaoo
    After Zhao Yun got back home after he helped Guan Yu, Xiao Qiao helped Zhao Yun drink his medicine. She blew it so it was not too hot and then feed it to him.
  • The next day in the classroom Zhao Yun was talking to Xiao Qiao and Xiao Qiao knelt and leaned on his table. When Ma Chao, Huang Zhong, and Zhang Fei was making fun off him for sucking the poison out of Guan Yu's butt, Xiao Qiao told them to stop.
  • When everyone went outside and saw Da Qiao on her motorbike, Xiao Qiao was going to leave but Zhao Yun prevented her and asked her what was wrong with her. Xiao Qiao said that she just wanted to leave the place and left.

26th RoundEdit

  • Liu Bei was trying to get some money from Xiao Qiao but Xiao Qiao would not let him. Zhao Yun thought that Xiao Qiao was being attack, so he immediately came to her side and accidentally injured Liu Bei.

27th RoundEdit

  • When Xiao Qiao found a rose on her desk, she was wondering who gave it to her. All of Wu Hu Jiang, Xiu / Liu Bei, and Ah Xiang looked at Zhao Yun. When Xiao Qiao noticed this and asked whether or not he had given her the rose. He said yes and this made her very happy. She even blushed.
  • The next day, when Xiao Qiao found a sweater on her desk, she and the other classmates immediately looked at Zhao Yun. Just like before, Zhao Yun did not disagree when Xiao Qiao ask whether he had made the sweater. Xiao Qiao was very happy but she asked him so that next time he made her a sweater for winter time not on spring (which is when the episode take place) and Zhao Yun just agree with her with a simple nod.
  • After Zhao Yun was accidentally injured by Guan Yu while training, Xiao Qiao helped him treat his wound using multiple medicines that is not related to his wound. For example, using foot cream.
  • To prevent Xiao Qiao from forcing him to take the medicines, he immediately hid it under the pillow on the couch when Xiao Qiao was looking for face cream.
  • Xiao Qiao helped Zhao Yun apply the cream near his right ear. At that time, Cao Cao was walking to the living room and saw them. From his point of view, it looked like Xiao Qiao and Zhao Yun were kissing and this left Cao Cao heart broken while singing "Summon Beast".

28th RoundEdit

  • Zhao Yun along with the others found out about Xiao Qiao's bitter relationship with Zhou Yu. Since they never knew this and they were all good friends with Xiao Qiao, he said that they might not been cared enough towards her.
  • Zhao yun 28
    The next day after Xiao Qiao's painful story, Xiao Qiao was late again. When she ran across the classroom to her sit, she accidentally stepped on a can and almost tripped. Fortunately, Zhao Yun quickly grabbed her and prevented her from falling. Moments later, Zhang Fei, Huang Zhong, and Ma Chao were all laying on the floor. It turned out that Zhao Yun used his super-speed to run across the room and trashed everything in his way such as desks, chairs, and even people, so that he could grabbed Xiao Qiao and prevented her from falling.
  • When he realized that his "brothers" were laying on the floor he did not know that he was the one who caused it and apologize while still holding Xiao Qiao's hand. Meanwhile, Xiao Qiao just smiled when she saw what happened to her other classmates.

33rd RoundEdit

  • When Xiao Qiao got punch and hit by the demons, Zhao Yun rushed to her side to protect her.

38th RoundEdit

  • The night before Zhao Yun, Ma Chao, and Huang Zhong left for war, Xiao Qiao made a chicken mascot and hoped that it will bring good luck for Zhao Yun at war. She also buy good luck charms for Ma Chao and Huang Zhong but the size difference is huge.
  • When Zhao Yun said that he was afraid the big size difference going to make Ma Chao and Huang Zhong jealous, Xiao Qiao became nervous and start talking so fast, but Zhao Yun calmed her down by saying that he was only joking.
  • Xiao Qiao said that she was very tired when the chicken was finished that she was unable to make good luck charms for Huang Zhong and Ma Chao, so she bought them good luck charms instead.
  • Xiao Qiao said that her heart did not break anymore when she looked at Zhao Yun's eyes.
  • Zhao Yun said to her that among all of his friends, he worried about her the most or only worried about her and told her to be able to take care of herself from that point on.

49th RoundEdit

  • When Liu Bei, Wu Hu Jiang, and Xiao Qiao was going to leave Cao Cao's house, Xiao Qiao actually stayed by the door and only Zhao Yun noticed this. After she talked about the memories they have together in that house, they all left. Xiao Qiao and Zhao Yun walked together behind the others.
  • Xiao Qiao and Zhao Yun went for a walk together. He said that he might have feelings for her and that he did not think of her as a sister anymore. Even though Zhao Yun was serious, Xiao Qiao laughed at him because she taught that his eyes did not look like if he has feelings for her. Furthermore, she said that she was very happy that he treated her as a sister. After he heard this, Zhao Yun smiled at her and rubbed her head.
  • When Zhou Yu came to ask Xiao Qiao to go to dinner with him, Zhao Yun did not allow him because Xiao Qiao already agreed to go with him. Xiao Qiao denied this but before she could finish her sentences, Zhao Yun stopped her by staring at her. Zhao Yun did not allow Zhou Yu to get near Xiao Qiao. He said that was because Zhou Yu was still the same as before, he still did not respect Xiao Qiao's decision. Zhao Yun said that his relationship with Xiao Qiao was special because he had the big chicken Xiao Qiao gave to him. Then he said that he treated her as a sister and if Zhou Yu wanted to go with her, he has to go through him first. After that, he left with Xiao Qiao.

53rd RoundEdit

  • When Zhao Yun fell down after fighting the demons, Xiao Qiao immediately helped him and then they fight side by side.

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