Xiao Qiao and
Zhou Yu are one of the main couple in K.O.3an Guo. Their love story actually began prior to K.O.3an Guo but became more intense in season 3 of K.O.3an Guo. This was mostly because the other main couples such as Guan Yu and Diao Chan and Xiu and Ah Xiang rarely appeared on screen. Although they have complicated and rocky relationship, they finally managed to rekindle their love towards each other and became a couple once more. At the end of K.O.3an Guo they became engaged.

The StoryEdit

Xiao Qiao and Zhou Yu's relationship actually began two years prior to K.O.3an Guo, but it also ended before K.O.3an Guo started. In the first season of their relationship is unknown to other characters. They only assumed that Xiao Qiao and Zhou Yu had a past history together. In season two, Xiao Qiao revealed her past about her relationship with Zhou Yu. And finally, in the third season, Xiao Qiao and Zhou Yu became a notable couple in K.O. 3an Guo, especially since Xiu and Ah Xiang have less screen time.

Two years before K.O.3an Guo, Xiao Qiao and Zhou Yu met each other at Jiang Dong. Xiao Qiao first grabbed Zhou Yu's attention when he saw her dancing to his song. After they met, they quickly became friends and spent a lot of time together; and soon after they became a couple. While they were still in relationship, Zhou Yu got appointed as Vice President of Jiang Dong High School. This made Zhou Yu very busy and he ended up spending less time with her. He became a workaholic and began to neglect her. Zhou Yu always said that he did all that so that Xiao Qiao could have a bright future, but Xiao Qiao did not care about that because she cherished the present more.

Their relationship started to fall apart because of this, especially after Xiao Jin got lost and Zhou Yu refused to leave work and look for him. Their relationship hit rock bottom when Xiao Qiao caught him with Da Qiao together. She did not know that Zhou Yu and Da Qiao were just pretending to be a couple to protect Sun Ce. After they broke up, Xiao Qiao went back to Dong Han Academy to avoid Zhou Yu, but Zhou Yu never lost hope of her return to Jiang Dong and always waited for her.

Although they were no longer a couple, Zhou Yu always tried to make her happy and protected her whenever he can. Xiao Qiao on the other hand, tried to avoid him but somehow she would always come to him for help and he would always help her.

When Yuan Shao took over Dong Han Academy, Xiao Qiao along with her friends were forced to move to Jingzhou Building in Jiang Dong. After this, Zhou Yu began to get close to Xiao Qiao whenever possible. Xiao Qiao finally opened up to him in the 42nd Round when he saved her life. Unfortunately, not long after that, Xiao Qiao found out that Zhou Yu was the one who helped Yuan Shao claimed Dong Han Academy. This made her very angry with him and refused to see him. And because of this, Zhou Yu suffered Love Sickness.

Not long after that, Xiao Qiao learned the good things Zhou Yu had done for her, such as searching for Diao Chan and searching for their lost dog, Xiao Jin. Xiao Qiao finally accepted him in 46th Round, when she decided to stay in Jiang Dong rather than went back to Dong Han with Cao Cao.

At the end of K.O.3an Guo, Zhou Yu and Xiao Qiao were engaged and were playing with their dog Xiao Jin, who already had two "girlfriends" and a son named Xiao Xiao Jin.

Facts about Xiao Qiao and Zhou YuEdit

  • They have the same blood type which is A blood type (42nd Round).
  • Zhou Yu and Xiao Qiao are the only couple from Jiang Dong High School that have sparks/light/twinkles around their faces, whereas usually couples that have this sparks are from Dong Han Academy. For example, Guan Yu and Diao Chan, Xiu and Ah Xiang.
  • Xiao Qiao and Zhou Yu have two songs as their theme songs. The first one is "Wo De Tian" (我的天 / My Sky) which Zhou Yu wrote and then re-arranged together with Xiao Qiao (21st Round and 28th Round). Xiao Qiao danced to this song and this song was played when they first met. The second song is "Xiao Xin Yuan" (小心願 / Small Wish) which Zhou Yu wrote for her (42nd Round). Besides Zhou Yu and Xiao Qiao, Guan Yu and Diao Chan also used this song as their theme song because Kirsten Ren, the actress who played Diao Chan, sings this song as a duet with Champion.
  • Zhou Yu and Xiao Qiao have a dog together named Xiao Jin. In the last episode, in total they have four dogs because Xiao Jin has two "girlfriends" and a son named Xiao Xiao Jin.
  • Xiao Qiao kissed Zhou Yu on his cheek and then they kissed on the 51st Round.
  • Xiao Qiao and Zhou Yu's most notable item is Xiao Qiao's bracelet because he "gave" it to her (42nd Round) and after she ripped it off (43rd Round) she put it back together as a lucky charm for Zhou Yu to bring him good luck in battle (49th Round).
  • Xiao Qiao and Zhou Yu's place is Jiang Dong Stage because it was the place where they first met (28th Round), where Xiao Qiao asked him for help (21st Round), and where they shared a kiss (51st Round).
  • Some episodes that really involved Xiao Qiao and Zhou Yu's relationship are 15th Round (because this is the first time they were seen on screen together), 28th Round (because it mainly shows Xiao Qiao and Zhou Yu's relationship in the past), 33rd Round (because in this episode Zhou Yu saved her life and she began to acknowledge that she might still have feelings for him), 42nd Round (because Zhou Yu saved Xiao Qiao's life again, Xiao Qiao called Zhou Yu "Jin" (瑾) again after a long time, and she started to soften up to him), 46th Round (because she chose to stay in Jiang Dong with him rather than went back to Dong Han with Cao Cao), and 51st Round (because they shared their kiss in this episode).
  • Zhou Yu hates seeing Xiao Qiao cries and he will not do anything that she told/asked him to, unless she stop crying. (33rd Round, 42nd Round)
  • Zhou Yu said that he liked Xiao Qiao because she is rash, rough, and reckless. She able to show her emotion and did not care what anyone else think. She can laugh out loud and cried out loud. This is very opposite to Zhou Yu himself because he never showed his emotions (28th Round).

Xiao Qiao and Zhou Yu MomentsEdit

13th RoundEdit

  • In this episode, Zhou Yu and Xiao Qiao were never in the same scene.
  • When Zhou Yu along with Taishi Ci went to Dong Han to bring Ah Xiang back, Zhou Yu said to Xiu/Liu Bei that he did not trust him because he had a feeling that Xiu/Liu Bei going to lie to Ah Xiang. Xiu/Liu Bei replied by saying that he (himself) had a feeling that Zhou Yu lied to Xiao Qiao. At this moment, nobody knew what Xiu/Liu Bei means. Zhou Yu was actually shocked when he heard this but did not show his emotions.
  • When Zhou Yu and Taishi Ci were about to leave, Zhou Yu commented on Cao Cao's hair style and his comment was exactly the same as Xiao Qiao's comment the scene before.

15th RoundEdit

  • W
    AM-ADoReMiiKO3anGuo E15mp4 000456080
    hen Xiao Qiao, Wu Hu Jiang, and Xiu/Liu Bei first arrived at Sun Family's training ground, Xiao Qiao seems to be resentful when she heard Zhou Yu's voice welcoming them through the microphone.
  • When Xiao Qiao walked foward to talk to Zhou Yu, Zhou Yu immediately commanded Jiang Dong army to lower their guns.
  • At the Sun Family's training ground, Xiao Qiao ask Zhou Yun to make Lu Meng apologize and canceled fighting Wu Hu Jiang. But Zhou Yu would not listen to her and ask her to join Jiang Dong High School instead. Xiao Qiao refuses and stand together with her friends to fight Jiang Dong army.
  • When Zhou Yu and Xiao Qiao were talking, the others realized that Xiao Qiao and Zhou Yu has a history together.
  • Xiao Qiao actually did not want to talk to Zhou Yu because she did not want their private life to be involved and she did not want to talk about it in a public place.
  • Images
    After Zhou Yu and Jiang Dong army helped Xiao Qiao, Wu Hu Jiang, Xiu/Liu Bei, and Sun Shang Xiang defend themselves from Yuan Shao's army, he confronted her to make sure she was alright but she did not respond to any of his questions or statements or even looked at him in the eyes.

21st RoundEdit

  • Zhou Yu helped Wu Hu Jiang, Xiu/Liu Bei, and Ah Xiang. He said that it was the Chief President / Sun Ce's order but Ah Xiang did not believe her. It turned out that Xiao Qiao was the one who asked Zhou Yu to help her friends.
  • When Ah Xiang tried to make Zhou Yu confess who was the real person that asked for his help, Zhou Yu asked her to talk about that somewhere else. Ah Xiang said that Zhou Yu was embarrassed to talk about personal things in front of everyone and told him what a hard time he gave to Xiao Qiao when they were in Sun family's training ground (15th Round).
  • On the harbor, Ah Xiang said that there was something or someone behind Zhou Yu coming to help Wu Hu Jiang, Xiu/Liu Bei, and Ah Xiang. When she said that, Xiao Qiao suddenly became quiet and did not looked at anyone else to hide the truth.
  • At Cao Cao's house, when Ah Xiang and Xiao Qiao talking, Xiao Qiao finally revealed that she asked Zhou Yu's help. Ah Xiang said that everyone thinks Xiao Qiao and Zhou Yu have a fate that cannot be saved. Xiao Qiao replied that what everyone thinks is an apt description.
  • Xiao qiao zhou yu 21
    It was shown in flashback, that the night before the volunteers (Xiao Qiao's friend) left, she asked Zhou Yu to come to Jiang Dong Stage to ask whether or not he would help her friends and he said yes.
  • In this flashback, Zhou Yu said that the stage was the place when he first met Xiao Qiao.
  • This is also the first time in the show, Xiao Qiao being called by other name which is "Xiao Qian" (小倩) by Zhou Yu. Although she asked him not to call her that anymore.
  • After telling Ah Xiang the story, Ah Xiang asked her how come she was very sure that Zhou Yu was going to help. Xiao Qiao actually did not know whether Zhou Yu was going to help or not but he was the only person she could think of that can help.
  • Ah Xiang said to Xiao Qiao that maybe she still in love with Zhou Yu and that was the reason Xiao Qiao always gets angry the moment she thinks of him.
  • When Xiao Qiao told this story to Ah Xiang, Ah Xiang considered her to be Zhou Yu's weakness (or she referred her as his Achilles' heel).
  • Although she ask him to help her friends, Xiao Qiao never think of to repay his kindness and it seems that she never did.

26th RoundEdit

  • Xiao Qiao had a flashback about her and Zhou Yu. It take place about two years ago in Jiang Dong, Xiao Qiao was talking to her friend about Xiao Jin (who was missing) and Zhou Yu, who spent less and less time with her. While they were walking, suddenly they saw Da Qiao and Zhou Yu walking together with his arm around Da Qiao's shoulders. Everyone was shocked and did not say anything to each other. After seeing this Xiao Qiao immediately left without saying a word.
  • After remembering this, Xiao Qiao cried.

27th RoundEdit

  • Da Qiao apologize to Xiao Qiao that she caused (or one of the cause of) her break-up with Zhou Yu and told her the true story about what had happened two years prior.
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    Two years before hand, Da Qiao recieved a call from Zhou Yu saying that the Principal of Jiang Dong High School (Sun Jian / Sun Ce's father) got a report about Da Qiao and Sun Ce having lunch together. In order to maintain Sun Ce's good reputation in front of his father, Zhou Yu planned to pretend to be Da Qiao's boyfriend. Zhou Yu rushed to the restaurant where Da Qiao and Sun Ce had their lunch together and walked together with her, with his arm around her shoulders. Unfortunatelly, when they walked out, Xiao Qiao and her friend happened to pass by. Xiao Qiao quickly ran away without saying a word. At that time, Da Qiao was going to after her but Zhou Yu prevented her. He said that Xiao Qiao cannot know about Da Qiao and Zhou Yu being pretend couple because he is afraid that she might not be able to keep Da Qiao and Sun Ce's relationship a secret, which could jeopardies Sun Ce's position as Jiang Dong Chief President.
  • After hearing the true story from Da Qiao, Xiao Qiao forgave her and became close. However, she did not do anything to rekindle her relationship with Zhou Yu.

28th RoundEdit

  • Xiao Qiao did not answer Cao Cao when he asked her to be his girlfriend because she still suffered from her painful break up with Zhou Yu.
  • In this episode, Xiao Qiao explain to Diao Chan and Ah Xiang about her relationship and painful break-up from Zhou Yu.
  • Xiao qiao zhou yu 28
    Two years before hand, on the summer holidays, Zhou Yu and Taishi Ci were walking pass Jiang Dong Stage when they heard someone playing their song "我的天" (Wo De Tian / My Sky). It turned out to be Xiao Qiao who was practicing her dance routine. After she finished, he approached her and offered her his handkerchief. They were attracted to each other instantly and soon they became close friends. At that time, Zhou Yu and Xiao Qiao made a promise. She promised to enter the dance competition held on Jiang Dong Stage and help him modified the song if he promised to attend and cheer for her. especially after spending a lot of time together modifying Champion's song "我的天" (Wo De Tian / My Sky) so that it would fit more with her dance routine. Soon after that, they became a couple. The following year, at the day of the competition Xiao Qiao did not do well and lost because Zhou Yu was not there to support her. It turned out that he had just been elected or chosen to be Vice President of Jiang Dong High School. After he became Vice President their relationship slowly drove apart because he tends to spend more time at work (or in this case at school) rather than spending time with Xiao Qiao. Taishi Ci noticed this and told Zhou Yu to care more
    towards Xiao Qiao. This plan actually backfired because Zhou Yu told Xiao Qiao that she must understand his position and did not bothered him that much. At that time, Xiao Qiao thought that he did not care about her but Zhou Yu thought the opposite. He thought that because he cared so much about Xiao Qiao that he wanted to make sure their (especially hers) future is bright. However, Xiao Qiao did not care about the future and cherished the present more. Their relationship hit rock bottom when Xiao Qiao saw Zhou Yu and Da Qiao together. She went back to Dong Han halfway through the summer without telling Zhou Yu. Although she broke up with him, Zhou Yu was never able to accept her decision and said that he will keep waiting for her to come back to Jiang Dong, which he did.
  • When Cao Cao tried to cheer her up by bringing a puppy, Xiao Qiao immediately burst to tears because the puppy looked exactly like "Xiao Jin" (小瑾), a dog Xiao Qiao and Zhou Yu owned together.
  • It was shown in her flashback, when Zhou Yu and Xiao Qiao were still together, they like to have a walk together. One day they found stranded puppy and decided to take care of it. Initially, Zhou Yu was going to name the puppy "Xiao Qian" (小倩) but Xiao Qiao refused and name it "Zhou Xiao Jin" (周小瑾) or "Xiao Jin" (小瑾) for short. Few days after the rescue, Xiao Jin got lost. Xiao Qiao told Zhou Yu that Xiao Jin got lost and asked him to help her find it, but Zhou Yu refused because he had to do a lot of work. This caused a big fight among the two and was one of the cause of their break-up.
  • 3-1
    In the flashbacks, Zhou Yu said that he liked Xiao Qiao because she is rash, rough, and reckless. She able to show her emotion and did not care what anyone else think. She can laugh out loud and cried out loud. This is very opposite to Zhou Yu himself because he never showed his emotions.
  • It was shown in these flashbacks that when they were still a couple, Xiao Qiao called Zhou Yu by the name "Jin" (瑾) from his courtesy name "Zhou Gōng Jǐn" (周公瑾). As for Zhou Yu, he usually called Xiao Qiao with "Xiao Qian" (小倩) which are from her full name "Qiao Qian" (喬倩).
  • It can be assumed that their relationship lasted at least a year because they met on summer holidays and when Xiao Qiao entered Jiang Dong Dance Competition the following year on the summer holidays, they are still together. Xiu / Liu Bei concluded that Zhou Yu and Xiao Qiao broke up during the summer holidays a year after they met because that year Xiao Qiao did not stay in Jiang Dong and went back to Dong Han Academy.

33rd RoundEdit

  • When Zhou Yu, along with his band mates (Champion), came to help restore Guan Yu's power, everyone was quite surprise and immediately looked at Xiao Qiao. Xiao Qiao was too embarrassed to admit that she was the one who asked Zhou Yu to come and help, so she avoid making eye contact with the others.
  • Zhou Yu, while still playing his guitar, blocked Dong Zhuo's attack that targeted Xiao Qiao. In total, he blocked three attack. When Zhou Yu got attacked the third time, Xiao Qiao, who was behind him, immediately hugged him from behind. She placed her hand on his chest (near his heart) while continuously thanking him. After the third attack, Zhou Yu bleed but refused to move away, meaning that even though he suffered he still want to protect Xiao Qiao.
  • When everyone fell after Dong Zhuo and Lu Bu's attacked them, Zhou Yu and Xiao Qiao fell beside each other. After he fell, he immediately looked at Xiao Qiao to see her condition, even though he was badly injured himself.
  • After Hua Tuo cured Xiao Qiao and her friends, Xiao Qiao immediately looked for Zhou Yu and was worried about him. Diao Chan said that Xiao Qiao seemed to think about him a lot, but Xiao Qiao denied it, saying that she only concerned about them (Champion) because they help Guan Yu and the others.
  • Xiao Qiao finally revealed that she went to see Zhou Yu for help the day before they played the Soul Calming Melody. In her flashback, it was shown that Zhou Yu offered to help restore Guan Yu's power after seeing Xiao Qiao cried about this situation. When he was going to wipe her tears, she refused. He promised to help if Xiao Qiao promised not to be sad anymore.This time Zhou Yu called Xiao Qiao "XIao Qian" and unlike the last time (21st Round), she did not mind him calling her that.
  • Xiao Qiao left her friends at Cao Cao's house to see Zhou Yu. When Zhou Yu realised that she came to see him, he smiled.
  • When they talked to each other, Xiao Qiao looked nervous. She asked him about his condition and he replied that he was happy that she was worried about his condition.
  • Xiao Qiao was so nervous that she was going to leave immediately, but just as she turned around, Zhou Yu grabbed her hand and said that he hoped the next time they see each other will be in Jiang Dong High School. This time, he also called her "Xiao Qian" and she did not mind. She replied that she would not return to Jiang Dong with him and pull her hand away. After that, she wished him a safe trip back to Jiang Dong.
  • Before Zhou Yu and his friends left, Zhou Yu smiled to her from the bridge (that leads to Jiang Dong) and .Xiao Qiao waved good bye to him.

38th RoundEdit

  • Zhou Yu came to Dong Han and met Xiao Qiao and Cao Cao while they were jogging together. He asked to talked with Xiao Qiao privately but Xiao Qiao denied it, saying that Cao Cao was her friend so there was no point of keeping something so secretive.
  • Zhou Yu asked Xiao Qiao to come back to Jiang Dong with him so that he can protect her and keep her safe. Cao Cao in the other hand, insisted for Xiao Qiao to stay at Dong Han because he can take care of her and protect her with his life.
  • Zhou Yu even held Xiao Qiao's hand in order to convinced her to come back to Jiang Dong, but Cao Cao separated their hand.
  • Love triangle 38
    Xiao Qiao decided to stay in Dong Han because she believed that Diao Chan did not died and going to wait for her return. After that, she left Cao Cao and Zhou Yu. Cao Cao then followed her while Zhou Yu was left alone. Zhou Yu was quite angry with Xiao Qiao's decision and even said to himself that he would make sure that Xiao Qiao returned to Jiang Dong.
  • When Zhou Yu, Gan Ning, and Ah Meng met Wu Hu Jiang and Xiu (Liu Bei) in Zhuge Liang's place, Xiu said that the person Zhou Yu asked about their condition was not Xiu and Wu Hu Jiang but should be Xiao Qiao (before this Zhou Yu said the same thing regarding Xiu and Ah Xiang). After that Gan Ning said that they both missed the person they love so they came there to see Zhuge Liang.
  • On their way back from Zhuge Liang's place, Ah Meng advised Zhou Yu to go and see Xiao Qiao, but Zhou Yu refused by saying that their were there to work not to play around. After that Ah Meng told him that if he kept this cool act and did not act soon, sooner or later somebody else would steal Xiao Qiao away from him. After that Gan Ning told Ah Meng to shut him up and said to him that over the past few days Zhou Yu did come to Dong Han to meet Xiao Qiao.

40th RoundEdit

  • Xiu (Liu Bei) said to Zhou Yu that he must have the same feeling of protecting someone he loved. He means Xiao Qiao.
  • When Zhou Yu came to Jingzhou Building to welcome Xiao Qiao, Cao Cao, Xiu / Liu Bei, Zhuge Liang, and Zhang Fei, he told Xiao Qiao that he told her that he was going to wait for her return to Jiang Dong. However, Xiao Qiao replied that she did not come to Jiang Dong because of him.

41st RoundEdit

  • Zhou Yu came to see Xiao Qiao, while she was on her way to Cao Cao's house. He asked him to go home with him to the Qiao Family's house. However, she did not intend to stay at her house. She only wanted to give him a present to thank him for saving her (33rd Round) and stayed with her friends. Zhou Yu insisted Xiao Qiao to stay, that he even said that he was going to buy her a house. However, she still declined him and wished to stay with her friends to protect Dong Han Academy.
  • Zhou yu 41
    After hearing this, Zhou Yu said that she was busy protecting Dong Han Academy, then who was going to protect her. At that time Cao Cao said that he was going to protect her with his life, but Zhou Yu insisted that Cao Cao cannot give the best for Xiao Qiao because at that time Cao Cao has nothing left. However, Xiao Qiao insisted that the best decision for her is to be together with Cao Cao. This shocked everyone, especially Zhou Yu, because he thought that Xiao Qiao and Cao Cao were "together" as a couple. Luckily, Xiao Qiao quickly corrected her sentences, saying that "together" meant together with her other friends protecting Dong Han Academy.
  • After hearing this, Zhou Yu was glad but yet the same time upset because she wanted to be together with all her friends but not with him. Then, he said that the gift she gave him was the first gift she gave him since she moved to Dong Han Academy and then he left.
  • The night after, Zhou Yu came to invite Cao Cao, Xiu (Liu Bei), and Zhuge Liang for lunch the next day. At that time, he talked to Cao Cao who was accompanied by Xiao Qiao. Xiao Qiao asked whether she could come or not, and Zhou Yu said no and even if she came, he would order Ah Meng to guard the door and prevent her from entering. This made Xiao Qiao very upset, especially because Zhou Yu was quite harsh when he said no to her and this has never happened before.
  • The day after Xiu (Liu Bei), Zhuge Liang, and Cao Cao got attack, Zhou Yu came to Jingzhou building. Even though he did not say anything, as soon as Xiao Qiao saw him, she immediately left her friends, walked towards him, and left the building, and without a word he followed her.
  • Zhou Yu asked whether she got attacked or not and then held her right arm. When he held her arm, she felt pain and he became worried. Xiao Qiao then explain that she did not get attack, but she fell during her shift while guarding the house the night before. Xiao Qiao was going to let go of Zhou Yu's grib, but he kept on holding, and eventually he hold her shoulders. He said that Cao Cao's house was not save anymore so she must move out of there. Xiao Qiao asked whether her friends can come along to her new house that Zhou Yu was going to bought for her, but he said no because he was now at Jiang Dong so he could not help any members from Dong Han Academy. Xiao Qiao was so angry with the fact that Jiang Dong hated Dong Han so much and never stop torturing students from Dong Han, but Zhou Yu replied that he would not let her got hurt. However, she was not happy with his answer because he was not willing to help the others.
  • Zhou Yu said that Cao Cao's problem was not his problem, only her problem is his problem. Hearing this Xiao Qiao became even more angry. She said that Zhou Yu had never able to understand her and that Cao Cao's problem was her problem too. After that, she left him.
  • Not long after Xiao Qiao left, Gan Ning and Lu Meng came with canteen vouchers to give to Dong Han students. Zhou Yu ordered Ah Meng to give those vouchers to Cao Cao. After hearing this, both Gan Ning and Ah Meng became confused. Gan Ning asked if he was willing to spend that much money for Dong Han students, why didn't he gave the vouchers himself? This was Xiao Qiao can be happy and thankful for his action. However, Zhou Yu insisted that they do as he told and then left.

42nd RoundEdit

  • Ko3anguo42
    Zhou Yu ran into Xiu (Liu Bei), Cao Cao, and Gan Zhao Lie while searching for Ah Xiang. When he realize that Xiao Qiao was not there with them, he immediately forced Xiu (Liu Bei) to tell him where Ah Xiang and Xiao Qiao were. Because Xiu (Liu Bei) insisted not telling Zhou Yu and Zhou Yu cannot attack him because he was still recovering from his injury, Zhou Yu suddenly knelt to him.
  • Everyone on the scene was very shocked when they saw this. Seeing what Zhou Yu had done, Xiu (Liu Bei) then realize that Zhou Yu's love for Xiao Qiao was even bigger than what he had imagine before.
  • Zhou Yu begged Xiu (Liu Bei) to tell him the location of Xiao Qiao and Ah Xiang because moments before Sun Quan told him that anyone who helped Ah Xiang escaped must be killed and he afraid that Sun Quan might kill Xiao Qiao. After hearing this, Xiu (Liu Bei) told Cao Cao to take Zhou Yu, Gan Ning, and Lu Meng to their location.
  • When Xiao Qiao was using "Wei Feng Zhen Zhen" spell to send Ah Xiang to Youzhou, Sun Quan attacked Ah Xiang with "Jin Lang Yan", but because Ah Xiang already disappeared, the fireball change course and attacked Xiao Qiao instead. Luckily, Zhou Yu came just in time. He immediately jumped in front of her and blocked the attack. After that Zhou Yu asked Sun Quan to stop his attack because it was pointless, seeing that Ah Xiang had already left.
  • 1
    Angry with Zhou Yu's attitude, Sun Quan immediately attacked Xiao Qiao. Zhou Yu immediately hugged her and thus taking the hit for himself, causing him to bleed. At that moment, Xiao Qiao was surprise to see what Zhou Yu had done for her and suddenly called him "Jin"(瑾). After hearing that, Zhou Yu loosen his grip and said that it has been a very long time since she called him "Jin".
  • When Xiao Qiao noticed that he was bleeding, she suddenly cried and told him to let her go but instead he tighten his grip over her. Xiao Qiao continuously begging him to let her go because if he continue to take the hit, he might die. However, he refused and said that he hated when she cried and he would let her go when she stopped crying. Xiao Qiao was unable to stop crying but she still begging him to let her go.
  • Seeing Zhou Yu's determination, Sun Quan then attacked him again but Zhou Yu kept protecting Xiao Qiao. After Sun Quan left, Zhou Yu finally released his grip over her. They looked at each other and suddenly he passed out. When Zhou Yu passed out, he was falling towards her and Xiao Qiao tried to hold him but because he was heavier than her, she ended up falling too.
  • In the hospital, Xiao Qiao was determine to donate her blood to him, even though she was injured herself. She finally able to donate her blood because she was the only one who has the same blood type as Zhou Yu which is A.
  • After she donated her blood, she rest beside his bed. When he woke up, she immediately asked about his condition. Zhou Yu was actually surprise to see Xiao Qiao because she was injured but still donate her blood to him. She said she did that because Zhou Yu finally understood that Cao Cao's problem was her problem too. Furthermore, she said that the days before (41st Round) she was willing to be together with Cao Cao, Zhang Fei, Ah Xiang, Xiu (Liu Bei), and Zhuge Liang, but she was not together with him; even though she still cannot be together with him, but she was willing to let her blood be together with him. After hearing this, Zhou Yu smiled and said that he felt closer to her.
  • The night after the incident, Zhou Yu and Xiao Qiao went for a walk together. They were both awkward toward each other and did not say anything to each other. They were walking so close to each other, when their hands accidentally touch, Zhou Yu looked at her and then hold her hand.
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    When Xiao Qiao ran to the stand nearby, the seller told her that she should asked her boyfriend (pointing to Zhou Yu) to help her win the bracelet that she want. However, Xiao Qiao did not want to waste any money and she became awkward while trying to convince the seller that Zhou Yu was not her boyfriend. After they left the stand, Zhou Yu asked her whether she wanted to go back to take the lottery or not, but Xiao Qiao insisted on not taking it because it was a waste of money, especially considering her bad luck. (Note: the lottery was if Xiao Qiao was able to get a red ball out of the box than she will win the bracelet she wants).
  • Zhou Yu then told her that he going to teach her a magic spell that will grant her wish. He asked her to close her eyes and believe him. At first, Xiao Qiao did not believe him, so she did not close her eyes. Then, he asked her again and finally she agreed to close her eyes. After that, he sang "Xiao Xin Yuan" (小心願 / Small Wish) to her. Suddenly she opened her eyes and said that it was not a magic spell, it was only a song that he wrote, and also that he had tricked her. Zhou Yu replied that this song he wrote especially for her and it would grant all of her wishes. He then said that she should believe him. He turned her around, closed her eyes with his hands, and then sang to her again. Meanwhile, Ah Meng came to the seller and paid him so that the seller changed all the balls in the box into red balls.
  • 4b2391c015dc3
    After that, Xiao Qiao tried the lottery and won the bracelet she wanted. She was extremely happy that she immediately hugged him. Zhou Yu helped her put the bracelet on her arm and then hold her hand.
  • When Zhou Yu got the call from Gan Ning about the traitor who attacked Sun Quan (40th Round), Xiao Qiao told her to go back immediately and finished his work, but Zhou Yu refused and said that he would returned her home first and after that finished his work. After hearing this, Xiao Qiao was quite surprise because the old Zhou Yu always priorities works. Zhou Yu said that the person he was before was very selfish, but now he wanted to put Xiao Qiao as his number one priority even higher than his life. After hearing this Xiao Qiao was so happy and they both smiled at each other. They then walked back home together while holding each others' hand.

43rd RoundEdit

  • In the classroom, Xiao Qiao asked whether she should ask Zhou Yu to help Dong Han students or not.
  • Xiao Qiao and Zhou Yu went on a date. They spent their date cycling using tandem bicycle. Zhou Yu said that his future was like the road, long and endless, but no matter what happen, he would be with Xiao Qiao and follow her. Then Xiao Qiao said that they are like the bike they rode, controlled by two people together.
  • When they started riding the bike Zhou Yu got lazy and only sat in the front. After that he changed position with Xiao Qiao and let Xiao Qiao sat while he did all the cycling. Then after they talked about their relationship, Xiao Qiao cycled with him together.
  • Xiao Qiao was shocked and very sad when she heard that Zhou Yu helped Yuan Shao took over Dong Han Academy.
  • When Cao Cao confronted Zhou Yu to asked whether he helped Yuan Shao or not, Zhou Yu confirmed this. Even though he knew that this would make Xiao Qiao sad, but he did this to ensure Xiao Qiao's future and her pain and sadness is his full responsibility. He also did that because he wanted Xiao Qiao to return to Jiang Dong. By returning to Jiang Dong, he would be able to protect her.
  • Zhou Yu was very surprised when he saw Xiao Qiao while she was feeding Cao Cao and even more surprised when he saw her holding Cao Cao's arm.
  • Xiao Qiao was very angry that Zhou Yu kept harming Dong Han students. She said that he was selfish and only care about the future of Jiang Dong. She said that after what he did, she would never believed him again. After listening to what she said, Zhou Yu then replied that everything he did was in order to make her future bright and he did not regret any of it. After hearing Zhou Yu's explanation, Xiao Qiao got very angry and she ripped the bracelet she won with him (42nd Round) and threw it at him. Then she yelled at him and told him to leave immediately. At first Zhou Yu was going to stay, but Da Qiao advised him to leave right away. Moments before he left Cao Cao's house, Zhou Yu saw Cao Cao while he was wiping Xiao Qiao's tears. At that moment, he was very angry but he kept his anger to himself.
  • The next day, Xiao Qiao got upset when she heard Zhang Fei and Zhuge Liang mentioned Zhou Yu's name, but she acted happy to hide her sorrow. Da Qiao said that her big fight with Zhou Yu before (involving their break up) caused her to seal her hearts, that meant the fight the night before might have even more devastating effect.
  • The morning after the incident, Zhou Yu woke up very early to give his report to Sun Quan. It turned out that he worked all night without sleep to take his mind of the big fight he had with Xiao Qiao.

44th RoundEdit

  • Zhou Yu suffered from extreme love sickness after he had the huge fight with Xiao Qiao the night before (43rd Round). Xiao Qiao was still very upset because of the huge fight and refused to talk to anyone, even her sister.
  • Ah Meng and Gan Ning came to seek for Xiao Qiao's help. They asked Xiao Qiao to see Zhou Yu so that he would eat and sleep again. At first Xiao Qiao declined but then after she realized that Zhou Yu worked so hard for the new Dong Wu Academy, she finally went to see him to express her anger.
  • When Xiao Qiao finally confronted Zhou Yu, he did not believe that it was her because he thought he was hallucinating, but after he realized it was her, he actually smiled. Right away Xiao Qiao scolded him, saying that if he wanted to harm the others then he should just harm her instead. Zhou Yu replied that it was not possible (for him to harm her). Xiao Qiao continued to scold him but Zhou Yu just sat quietly. Suddenly he started falling, luckily Xiao Qiao quickly sat next to him to prevent him from falling. Xiao Qiao was quiet worried and was going to call the ambulance but then she realized that he just fell asleep. Seeing him like that, she became confused because she did know whether she should hate him or love him. Confused with what she supposed to do, Xiao Qiao left him; but just after couple of steps, she returned to his side. She sat next to him, covered him with her jacket, and let him rest on her shoulder.

45th RoundEdit

  • Ah Meng returned Xiao Qiao's jacket that she gave to Zhou Yu. Ah Meng said that Xiao Qiao was weirs because she said that she going to punch Zhou Yu and express all her anger to him but instead she covered him with her jacket. Furthermore, Ah Meng said that Zhou Yu was even more weird because after he got home, he kept staring at Xiao Qiao's jacket and refused to return it himself.
    • Xiao Qiao's watching the video
    • Xiao Qiao refused to speed up the video
    • She cried after watching the video
    Ah Meng then told Xiao Qiao how Zhou Yu searched for their lost dog "Xiao Jin" even though Ah Meng was not allowed to tell her. After that, he showed her the video of Zhou Yu's hard work to take care of Xiao Jin.
  • In the video, Zhou Yu kept comparing Xiao Jin and Xiao Qiao, saying that Xiao Jin and Xiao Qiao were still mad at him and has unpredictable emotions.
  • When Xiao Qiao saw this video, she was actually touched. When she saw Zhou Yu was willing to kneel and crawl through the kidnapper's leg in order to save Xiao Jin, she was very touched that she said to Ah Meng to stop the video because she cannot bare to see Zhou Yu did that. After the video finished, she was very touched until she cried.
  • Gan Ning asked Xiao Qiao if the person who helped Yuan Shao was him instead of Zhou Yu what would she do. Xiao Qiao said that she would be angry with him but she would not hate him because he only followed an order. Gan Ning said that she should do the same to Zhou Yu, she should not hate him because he only followed orders. He said that she was very strict towards people she care for and then he left.
  • After talking to Gan Ning, Xiao Qiao went for a walk. Suddenly she noticed that she was in front of Zhou Yu's house and then quickly hide. While she was hiding, she saw Zhou Yu was feeding Xiao Jin who was already a full grown dog. At first, she was going to meet him but then she called him instead. Zhou Yu said that he was busy so he was unable to return the jacket himself. He also said that at that time, while they were talking via SIMAN, he was in Sun Quan's house for a meeting. After they ended the call, Xiao Qiao actually laughed because Zhou Yu refused to admit that he was playing with Xiao Jin.
  • Xiao Qiao met Zhou Yu while he was walking with Xiao Jin. Zhou Yu said that Xiao Jin came home on his own after he went missing. Xiao Qiao asked Xiao Jin about his condition, etc. but Zhou Yu kept answering the questions. Xiao Qiao then said that she asked Xiao Jin not Zhou Yu but Zhou Yu only said that she was finally able to see him in the eyes while talking to him.
  • Zhou Yu said that from the beginning he did not know how to take care of a dog but he found some knowledge about dog grooming on the internet. He said that taking care of a dog is a thousand times harder than managing a whole army. He said that even though he found a lot of stuff on the internet but the internet could not tell him how to make someone not mad at him anymore.
  • When Zhou Yu took Xiao Jin to the side, he got a report from Gan Ning. Xiao Qiao secretly followed him to the side and overheard all the report. Gan Ning said that the rescue team have not found Diao Chan yet but Zhou Yu ordered them to keep searching. Gan Ning also said that he should tell Xiao Qiao that he sent rescue team to look for Diao Chan, so that she can thank him and be grateful towards him; but Zhou Yu did not want Xiao Qiao to know and ordered everyone to keep their mouth sealed. After hearing Gan Ning and Zhou Yu's conversation, Xiao Qiao left immediately without saying a word.

46th RoundEdit

  • When the fake students were going to attack Xiao Qiao, Da Qiao, Zhuge Liang, and Zhang Fei, Zhou Yu immediately told them to stop and retreat to prevent Xiao Qiao from getting harmed.
  • On her way to Zhou Yu's house to feed Xiao Jin, Xiao Qiao was quite nervous because she did not know what to say when she meet him. Luckily Zhou Yu was not home. Ah Meng was going to say where he was but he cannot say it to Xiao Qiao because Zhou Yu already told him not to.
  • Zhou yu 46
    However, it seemed that Ah Meng did tell Xiao Qiao. That night Xiao Qiao went to the stand where she won her bracelet (42nd Round). There she saw Zhou Yu trying to win the same bracelet. The seller said that Zhou Yu had already been there for more than five hours from morning until night and asked him to stop because with all the money he had already paid, he can buy the whole stand; but Zhou Yu refused and said that he must win the bracelet with his own ability.
  • After Xiao Qiao got back home, Xiao Qiao kept thinking about Zhou Yu. Her feelings became conflicted because she did not know what to do with him, whether should hate him or love him, because the moment she started to hate him, he did something that made her like him again. When she was thinking about this she was holding the beads from the bracelet that she ripped of before (43rd Round), and when she accidentally dropped them she immediately looked and collected them all. When Cao Cao saw her collecting the beads he thought that Xiao Qiao and Zhou Yu got back together, but Xiao Qiao immediately denied this. She said that she chose to go back to Dong Han with Cao Cao but she wanted to go back there because she wanted everything to go back to the way they were before.
  • The next day, Ah Meng interrupted Z
    Zhou yu 46-1
    hou Yu's meeting and said that Xiao Qiao was going to go back to Dong Han with Cao Cao. At first Zhou Yu did not seem to care and continued the meeting but he repeated the same thing he said before. So Gan Ning said that it was his turn to give his reports. Zhou Yu then told him to lead the meeting because he was going to see Sun Quan to discuss something. Actually, he went to chase Xiao Qiao.
  • On her way to Dong Han, Xiao Qiao became upset and Cao Cao noticed this. He knew that the reason Xiao Qiao wanted to go back to Dong Han was because she did not want to deal with her feelings towards Zhou Yu. He said that from the beginning her heart already forgave Zhou Yu, but Xiao Qiao denied this. Cao Cao told her not to deny her true feelings and that he knew the person in her heart was not him.
  • Before Xiao Qiao could say anything to him, Zhou Yu arrived. Zhou Yu asked whether she was going back to Dong Han or not. He said that if she did go back, he would not prevent her from going. Then he took the bracelet he won the night before and said that it was Ah Meng who won it and he wanted to give it to her. After hearing this, Xiao Qiao said that Zhou Yu loved to keep everything that he did a secret from her. Zhou Yu apologized to her. After that, Cao Cao told her it was time to go but he would be going by himself because from the beginning he already planned to go by himself. Zhou Yu wished him a saved trip and then he left.
  • Zhou Yu and Xiao Qiao walked together in silent on their way home. Both Xiao Qiao and Zhou Yu did not know what to say to each other. Zhou Yu was confused because Xiao Qiao decided to stay but she refused to accept the bracelet. In order to make her accept the bracelet, Zhou Yu told her that she had something on her hand. Xiao Qiao immediately freaked out because she was afraid there was a bug on her hand and wanted to get rid of it. Meanwhile, Zhou Yu grabbed her arm and slid the bracelet to her arm. After she calmed down and realized the bracelet, he asked her if the thing was that bracelet would she still get rid of it. Xiao Qiao did not threw it away and said that she actually liked the bracelet because it matched her outfit.
  • Moments later, a couple passed them by while they were riding tandem bicycle (just like them in 43rd Round). Zhou Yu asked her whether she wanted to ride tandem bicycle with him again or not. She said no because tandem bicycle could only be controlled by one person but the places they wanted to be were different. Xiao Qiao said that because she would always tried to protect Dong Han Academy and Zhou Yu would always try to expand Dong Wu Academy, they could not be together. When he heard this he was surprised but Xiao Qiao quickly explain the "together" she meant. Zhou Yu said that Xiao Qiao seemed to want to be together with Cao Cao but Xiao Qiao explain again that she and Cao Cao were not like he thought. Xiao Qiao explained that the "together" she meant was like cycling side by side with individual bikes, eating together, listening to music together, etc. Zhou Yu then added walking Xiao Jin together and taking care of Xiao Jin together, and said that he finally understood what she meant by "together". Furthermore, he said that they should use Xiao Qiao's version of "together" and he would wait for her patiently until she willing to be together with him. Knowing that she could not win against him, she just agree with it. They then walked home together, smiling.

47th RoundEdit

  • Zhou yu 47
    After Zhou Yu refused to be the new Student Body President of Dong Wu Academy (replacing Sun Ce) and resigned from his position as Student Body Vice President, he went to Jiang Dong Stage and sat there. Xiao Qiao came to ask him the reason he did that. He said that he was tired. She asked whether it was possible for a workaholic to get tired. Then he asked her to sit next to him. He said that when they met the first time he was not Vice President yet, so he had more time with her; and now he was not Vice President anymore, so everything could be like before and she should be happy because of this.
  • After she heard this, Xiao Qiao did not respond. Then she asked if everything became like before would he still be happy. He said that if she was happy then he was also happy. Xiao Qiao said that she felt Zhou Yu was hiding something from him but she did not asked him what it was and let him tell her in time. After that she left in a hurry because she forgot that she still has to cook for her sister. On her way back, she actually walked the wrong way, but soon realized this and went home. After Xiao Qiao left, Zhou Yu commented that Xiao Qiao was still the same, still reckless.

48th RoundEdit

  • Xiao Qiao and Zhou Yu was going for a jog together. She told him that Da Qiao was finally willing to come out of her bedroom then she asked about his condition. Zhou Yu said that he was fine so she should not worried about him. After he was reminded by a boy who had also recently lost a friend that he should go on by himself, Zhou Yu told Xiao Qiao about the plan for the bright future for they people that he had promised Sun Ce. After she heard this, she hugged him and said that all this time when she said that he did not understand her, when the fact was that she was the one who did not understand him. She apologized for all of her selfish and childish behavior all these years. Then he hugged her back.
  • Xiao Qiao came to Zhou Yu's house when he was in a meeting with Gan Ning and Ah Meng. At first, she was going to leave immediately because she did not want to disturb them but then Gan Ning said that the meeting was just over, so she came and talked to Zhou Yu. When she went there, she brought a pot of soup that she made herself that could help everyone regain their strength and stamina.
  • Aabbcc
    Even though Ah Meng and Gan Ning vomited after tasting the soup, Zhou Yu insisted on drinking the soup and ended up drinking the whole pot. He even said that the soup was delicious and going to finished eating the bitter cucumber that was in the soup later. After hearing that, Xiao Qiao was so happy that when they both looked at each other, sparks appeared around their faces.
  • After that, they went for a walk together. Xiao Qiao took him to a field. In the middle of the field there was a trampoline and they jumped on the trampoline together. Xiao Qiao said that she took him there so that he could get away from all the pressure at work.
  • Suddenly, Xiao Qiao jumped out of the trampoline and almost fell, but luckily Zhou Yu was able to catch her. Xiao Qiao became upset because she cannot do anything right. After he heard this, he then hugged her and said that she did not need to do anything because seeing her save and happy was his biggest happiness. Xiao Qiao replied she could not do anything to share his sadness and pain because he never told her anything. Then he told her that these few weeks (or days) he was training the soldiers because they were going to war against Cao Cao's army and he might have to face Cao Cao himself in the battlefield. He did not tell her at first because he did not want her to be worried and felt awry. Then he said to her that from that moment, he would enjoy every moment he had with Xiao Qiao, the good and the bad.
  • When Zhang Fei, Xiu, and Zhuge Liang were going back to Dong Han to help Cao Cao, Xiao Qiao decided to stay in Jiang Dong because she wanted to be by Zhou Yu's side.

49th RoundEdit

  • Xiao Qiao ran to see Zhou Yu and she almost fell. Fortunately, Zhou Yu stopped her and prevented her from falling. He said that she always rash and reckless, but Xiao Qiao did not listen and only smiled to him. Then he said that he heard from Ah Xiang that Xiao Qiao was going to stay in Jiang Dong to be by his side. Xiao Qiao just smiled and nodded her head. Then she began to worried about Cao Cao and talked about Cao Cao a lot. Before Xiao Qiao could finish her sentences, he said that he was jealous when he heard Xiao Qiao talked about Cao Cao. Xiao Qiao then stopped and smiled. Zhou Yu said that he did not wish her to go look for Cao Cao and Xiao Qiao agreed not to go look for him.
  • Xiao Qiao wanted to give Zhou Yu a good luck charm to bring him good luck in battle so that he can return home safely. When she pulled out the charm from the bag, she only pulled it half way through so it looked like that the charm was very small. Zhou Yu was very upset because he heard that before Zhao Yun left for war, Xiao Qiao gave him a big chicken mascot as a good luck charm; but she only gave him a small good luck charm. Xiao Qiao actually laughed when she heard this because she never thought that Zhou Yu would compare the size of all the good luck charms she made. Furthermore, she said that she thought the big chicken was very inconvenient to bring so she made a smaller good luck charm. Then she pulled out the rest of the charm and it was actually the bracelet she once ripped of (43rd Round). He accepted the charm, even though it was very girly, and said that he liked it a lot. He hugged her and then promised her that he would come back from war safely. Xiao Qiao was afraid that he might not come home safely, but Zhou Yu convince her that he will come home safely because he wanted to wait until the world is safe so that he could give her a perfect family.
  • After Xiao Qiao got back home, Zhang Fei asked her to go with Liu Bei to persuade Cao Cao to end the war. Xiao Qiao quickly rejected this because she had already promised Zhou Yu that she would not go to see Cao Cao.
  • When Sun Quan and Zhou Yu came to Jingzhou Building to tell Liu Bei and Wu Hu Jiang that they were going to war the next day, Xiao Qiao and Zhou Yu exchanged look and then nodded at each other.
  • Zhou Yu met Xiao Qiao and Zhao Yun who were walking together. He was going to ask her to dinner but Zhao Yun did not allowed him because Xiao Qiao already agreed to go to dinner with him. Xiao Qiao denied this. When Zhou Yu was going to get close to her, Zhao Yun prohibited him because he thought Zhou Yu was the same as he was before, still trying to control Xiao Qiao and did not respect her decision. Zhou Yu said that the person who did not respect Xiao Qiao's decision was him because he solely decided to go to dinner with her. When Zhao Yun showed off the big chicken that Xiao Qiao gave him, Zhou Yu showed off the good luck charm Xiao Qiao gave to him. He said that his good luck charm was one of a kind and Xiao Qiao specially made for him. When Zhao Yun said that he treated Xiao Qiao as his sister, Zhou Yu replied that he had been with the Sun Family for years and dealing with sister complex like himself would not be a problem for him. Xiao Qiao immediately stepped in to stop them from fighting. After that, Zhao Yun took Xiao Qiao's arm and left. Xiao Qiao was reluctant to go and continuously looking at Zhou Yu while she was walking away from him but she eventually left. After Xiao Qiao and Zhao Yun left, Zhou Yu decided that he would call Xiao Qiao via Siman instead.
  • The night before he left for war, Zhou Yu and Xiao Qiao talked together. Xiao Qiao noticed that Zhou Yu was upset, but Zhou Yu said that he was fine. She did not believe him and thought that he was thinking about what Zhao Yun had said. Then she explained that there was nothing between her and Zhao Yun, even though she did felt something when they first met, but before she could finish her explanation, Zhou Yu said that he had already knew that Xiao Qiao treated him as an older brother. He then explained the reason for his unhappiness.
  • He said that these past two years, when they were both apart, he always played his guitar and imagined her to be by his side whenever he misses her. By doing that, he can get through it because he always believe that she would be back by his side someday. But that night he felt very weak because he was afraid he might lose her forever. He felt so afraid because it was the first time he felt that way. After she heard this, she thanked him because he was finally able to share all of his fears and insecurities with her. He said that he was very weak but Xiao Qiao did not think so. She said that he was great. Then she asked him to fulfill his promise to her, that he must come home safely. She said that when he got back, she would give him a present. He promised her that he will come back home safely and then he would take his present. After that, they hugged.

51st RoundEdit

  • Zhou Yu just got back from war. He went to Jiang Dong Stage because Xiao Qiao said that she was going to meet him there.
  • Xiao Qiao danced for him after her long absence on stage. Zhou Yu asked whether this was the present she was talking about the night before he left or not. She said yes. She thanked him for all the things he had done for her, for example searching for Diao Chan, rescuing Xiao Jin, and giving her the bracelet. She said that she would start dancing again, but only to the songs he wrote. Then she asked him to move closer to her and kissed him on his cheek.
    • After the kiss on the cheek
    Xiao Qiao was so embarrassed after she kissed him that she immediately turn around and cover her face. Zhou Yu was very shocked that for several seconds. He only stood behind her while still touching his cheek.
  • After that, Zhou Yu asked Xiao Qiao to turn around and face him. He said that he wanted to see her happy, just like at that moment. He apologized for his selfish behavior in the past. He thought that conquering the world for her was very important but he did not care about her feelings. After losing her once, he finally realized that his world without her is empty. Now, the most important thing in his life is to make her happy and safe because she is his world, his sky. She said that she was very happy and that no matter what happen in the future, she would never leave him. They looked at each other for a while and then they shared a kiss.
  • Note : When Zhou Yu said that Xiao Qiao was his sky, he said "Wo de tian" (我的天 / My Sky) which referred to the song that Xiao Qiao danced to.
  • The next day after Ah Meng accidentally "killed" Guan Yu, Xiao Qiao came to see Zhou Yu while he, along with Gan Ning and Ah Meng, were praying for Guan Yu. Xiao Qiao said that they should not explain anything to her because she understood everything and she did not blame Zhou Yu for all that had happened. Then she hold his hand.

52nd RoundEdit

  • When Ah Meng told Zhou Yu that Cao Cao was back in Jiang Dong to see Xiao Qiao, Zhou Yu did not seem to care. He said that he was not worried that Cao Cao was with Xiao Qiao because he believed that his relationship with Xiao Qiao would not be affected by Cao Cao.
  • Even though, it seemed that he was not worried, when Cao Cao and Xiao Qiao walked together and discussing Xiu's real identity, Zhou Yu secretly followed them. Cao Cao then said that he would treat her as a good friend from that point on, just like how he treat Wu Hu Jiang. After that he said at loud that Zhou Yu should not worried and hide from them. After realizing that his cover had been blown, Zhou Yu walked to them. Then Zhou Yu and Cao Cao had an intense talk about their army and the battle. Before anything get out of hand, Xiao Qiao quickly stopped them. She said that Xiu was finally home, so they should celebrate, not fight. Zhou Yu got confused because he did not know who Xiu was. Cao Cao teased him by saying that Xiu was the person who lived together with Xiao Qiao. Zhou Yu actually got jealous, but Xiao Qiao quickly explained. She explained everything very quickly that she herself did not fully understood what she was talking about. Zhou Yu then hold her face and told her to tell him everything slowly. She nodded and smiled to him. After this Cao Cao left them and she said good bye to him.
  • Xiao Qiao accompanied Zhou Yu to the Sun Family's house to persuade Sun Quan to come out of the house. Zhou Yu noticed that Xiao Qiao was worried about Xiu and the others, and their battle against Sun Jian. Xiao Qiao did not expect that Zhou Yu was able to notice that because she thought she had already hid her feelings from him very well. Then he said that because she was worried, she wanted to help them but she was afraid that when she go then he would also go and might end up hurting himself just like the previous times. She said that she knew that helping Xiu was not something that she can personally do, it was something involving both of them. She said that she could not act like in the past, very childish and rash without thinking his judgement. Then he said that what she said was true.
  • Ah Meng and Gan Ning came with all their musical instruments, ready to help Xiu and the others. Zhou Yu said that he knew bringing Champion to fight Sun Jian was very reckless but if what Xiu said about Sun Jian (about him forgeting his true self, like Dong Zhuo) was true then he will fight him. This is because everything that Sun Jian did would cause Jiang Dong to suffer and that was not the agreement he had with Sun Jian. It was even further than the future he had imagined for Xiao Qiao. So this time, he went to battle not because he promised her to, but he went to battle because of Jiang Dong. After she heard this, she said that Zhou Yu, who was hopelessly smart, now had made her very happy and warm inside. He replied that he would have time to listen to her talking about everything slowly. After that they left.

53rd RoundEdit

  • Ap 20100909094131900
    Zhou Yu and Xiao Qiao, along with Ah Meng and Gan Ning came to help Xiu, Dong Cheng Wei, Cao Cao, and Wu Hu Jiang.
  • When Xiao Qiao was strangled by the demon, Zhou Yu stopped reading the Soul Killing Poem but after a while he started reading it again. When Ye Si Ti attacked Xiao Qiao and Wu Hu Jiang until they fell, Zhou Yu was very worried about her and when he called her name, they gazed at each other.
  • When Sun Quan told Xiao Qiao to use Wei Feng Zhen Zhen to transport Ah Xiang back to the Sun Family's house, Zhou Yu rushed to her side and helped her stand up
    so she could perform the spell. After she finished casting the spell, she fell but Zhou Yu was able to catch her.
  • When Ye Si Ti attacked them with Huo Yan Yan Yi, Zhou Yu protected Xiao Qiao with his arm.
  • In the Abyss of Chaos, Ye Si Ti made the people who are in love unable to find their partner forever, which referring to Xiao Qiao and Zhou Yu unable to see each other and continuously searching for each other.
  • After they got out of the Abyss of Chaos, Xiao Qiao transferred her energy to Zhou Yu while they were playing the Soul Killing Poem to defeat Ye Si Ti. After they won, Zhou Yu and Xiao Qiao hugged each other.
  • One month after their final confrontation with Ye Si Ti, Xiao Qiao maintains her relationship with Zhou Yu. Sometime later, they become engaged, and their dog, Xiao Jin, has found two "girlfriends" and a puppy named Xiao Xiao Jin.

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