Lei Ting wore Xie Xie Ni Ai Wo and followed Da Dong to Iron Dimension - a unique way to cross dimension in which was never previously deemed possible

Xie Xie Ni Ai Wo (靴靴你爱我) Edit

Xie Xie Ni Ai Wo is a pair of glittering high heels. When Da Dong asked Duan Chang Ren advice for Lei Ting's birthday present, he recommended this. The heel is in fact magical and once wore, it can never be taken off by the wearer. Furthermore, the wearer will uncontrollably walk towards and follow her lover no matter where she is, and only the person she love can remove the heels for her. Lei Ting made a smart use of the heels's magical abilities to across over from Gold Dimension to Iron Dimension. It is unclear whether Lei Ting literally followed him and went through the Space-time Door or traveled through other means.

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