Chinese: 葉赫那啦家族
Ye he na la jia
Pronunciation: Ye He Na La Jia Zhu


Ye He Na La family is the greatest demonized power user family in Iron Dimension. Thousand of years ago, they had been used by demons, thus they have great demonic powers. However as they grew stronger, later started to rebel. After they created the Suppress Demon Triology, they successfully seperated from the demons and became independent. Now they are one of the three powers of the Iron Dimension along with the good Power-users and Mojie.


In order to free their descendants from the grip of darkness as a last resort, the earliest Ye He Na La ancestors created the "Zhen Mo San Bu Qu" (鎮魔三部曲 / Suppress Demon Triology Symphony) which consists of three melody scrolls that can help their descendants rid of their evil nature - the Soul Collecting Melody (蒐魂曲), the Soul Cleansing Melody (洗魂曲) and the Soul Calming Melody (安魂曲).

Members Edit

Deceased membersEdit

Xia Lan Xing De Family (夏蘭荇德家族)
Xia Liu (夏流)
Xia Xiong (夏雄)
Xia Yu (夏宇) | Xia Tian (夏天) | Xia Mei (夏美)
Ye He Na La Family (葉赫那啦家族)
Ye Xiong Ba (葉雄霸) | Ye Xiong Feng (葉雄封)
Ye Si Ren (葉思仁) | Ye Si Ti (葉思偍) | Ye Si Si (葉思思)
Xia Yu (夏宇) | Xia Tian (夏天) | Xia Mei (夏美)
Ye Yu Ce (葉宇策) | Ye Yu Xiang (葉宇香)
Hu Yan Jue Luo Family (呼延覺羅家族)
Vincent | Xiu ()
Han Ke La Ma Family (韓克拉瑪家族)
Nana (那那)
Han () | Bing Xin (冰心)
Gu La Yi Er Family (古拉依爾家族)
Lan Ling Wang (蘭陵王)
Jiu Da Zhang Lao Family (灸亣镸荖家族)
Jiu Wu (灸舞) | Jiu Lai (灸萊)
Ren Ren Wan Nong Family (任秂完弄家族)
Ren Chen Wen (任晨文)
Mei San Lu Yong Family (槑珊麓苚 家族)
Xia Mi (瞎祕) | Wa Ge (蛙哥)

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