Chinese: 一劍, 你就笑
Pronunciation: Yi Jian Ni Jiu Xiao

An ancient blade guarded by Cao Cao's family.


It was once used to protect the ancient Meng Zhu of the Nationwide School Union. Meng Zhu acknowledged the world that anyone who approaches the future Meng Zhu with the sword will be fulfilled a request without any declining reasons.

Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Huang Zhong and Ma Chao attempted to obtain it to replace Zhao Yun and Xiu in war. Because no one wanted the other to die, they fought over it. Eventually, Cao Cao went over his head for the caring of the sword and fought to take it back, only to break it later by accident, thus disabled their opportunity to request from Meng Zhu. So, Xiu/Liu Bei and Zhao Yun had to go into war anyway.

While Cao Cao was suffering from poverty, he sold the broken sword to support his friends' financial crisis. After he regained his power and wealth, however, he bought it back.


The name of this sword is based on the sentence "You'll laugh once you see it" (一見,你就笑).

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