Yin Xiao Feng is the Bronze counterpart to the Gold dimension's Qiu Qiu. She is of unknown origin, and became like sisters with Xiao Yang. They were adopted together, and later has the same Yi Neng ability as Xiao Yang. Even though her adoptive parents were killed and her and Xiao Yang were separated, they stayed close and regularly met up. This is how Xiao Feng realizes something must have happened to Xiao Yang after she fails to meet up with her at their regularly scheduled time. Xiao Feng has a huge sense of loyalty to Xiao Yang, even going so far as to join the KO Bad Girls just to continue Xiao Yang's wish of protecting Wang Charlie, even though she didn't know him that well.

Xiao Feng is a bit dim witted. She often gets well known expressions wrong and isn't very creative. She easily trusts people and can be very naive (once she helped a demon crack his back when he pulled a muscle! ) Though she is a good fighter with battles points high enough to fight most demons, she often bites off more than she can chew and ultimately gets saved by either other KO Bad Girls or Wang Charlie. She has a deep sense of loyalty but is often the butt of a joke by Yan Yan and gets scolded by Kate for doing things alone. She is obviously the outsider in the group but is slowly accepted as she stops working alone. Even though Xiao Feng is a bright, energetic girl, she has abandonment issues stemming from her adoption and really believes her only family was Xiao Feng. Because of this she tends to get lonely easily but is hesitant to admit it. Wang Charlie can see this easily and tries really hard to pull her out of it on occasion, though Xiao Feng doesn't always realize what he's doing and sees him as a nuisance. She calls him Narcissistic Peacock King because he makes her promise not to fall im love with him. Wind based to being. She has a power of 7500。

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