Chinese Name N/A
Role Villain
Gender Male
Species Demonic power-user
Aura Green
Abilities Demonic powers
Special abilities Swallow the Ghostly Fireball to enhance his power
Weapons Ghostly Fireball
Status Presumed alive
Home World The Bronze Dimension
Alternate counterpart(s) Wang Da Dong (The Gold Dimension), Xia Tian/Gui Long & Ye Yu Ce (The Iron Dimension)
First Appearance Round 34, The X-Family (flashback)
Portrayed by Jiro Wang

Zack is a well-known assassin from the Bronze Dimension, sent by the Master to the Iron Dimension in a twisted attempt to make Xia Tian stronger.


The X-FamilyEdit

Impersonating Gui Long Edit

Because Zack bears a strikingly similar appearance to Gui Long (except he does not have the skull mark on his neck), he been mistaken as Gui Long on many occasions, including the assassination of Bing Xin, as well as Fire Ant Girl and the leader of Bei Cheng Wei (北城衛).

When Xia Tian finds a way to become stronger than him, he is driven back to his dimension.

Angel 'N' Devil Edit

He is revealed to be You Wang's son, but not revealed whether blood relation son, first son or second son. He is banished by You Wang. He did not appear in the series, only mentioned.


Zack is an incredibly powerful power-user of darkness. Like many other characters, he has displayed the ability of super-speed.

Ghostly Fireball (鬼靈焰火球)Edit

Zack can control the "Ghostly Fireball" (鬼靈焰火球) - a fireball that absorbs his target's energy and drain their powers before killing them with it. He can also swallow the fireball to temporarily increase his power.

Alternate CounterpartsEdit

Xia Tian

Xia Tian

Sun Ce

Sun Ce

The Iron Dimension Edit

Zack's alternate counterpart in the Iron Dimension is Xia Tian. He thinks of Xia Tian as his rival rather than a friend.

In late K.O.3an Guo, it is revealed that he has an extra alternate counterpart named "Ye Yu Ce", who was born in the Silver Dimension and was using the name "Sun Ce".

Wang Da Dong

Wang Da Dong

The Gold Dimension Edit

His second alternate counterpart in the Gold Dimension is Wang Da Dong: the leader of the Ultimate Class.

Trivia Edit

Zack is one of the only two characters to have an English name. The other being a Chord.

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