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Zhen Zi
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Chinese Name 貞子
Role Minor character
Gender Female(?)
Species Demon
Aura Green
Abilities Teleportation & floating
Special abilities Ghostly tricks & telepathy
Weapons N/A
Status Alive
Home World Mie
Alternate counterpart(s) N/A
First Appearance Round 1, The X-Family
Portrayed by Ni Pei Wei

Zhen Zi (貞子) is a lower-level female demon that appears in the initial episodes. She appears in a green glow and wears nothing other than a white robe. Zhen Zi has been friends with Xia Mei since childhood, and only she can contact her. When Xia Mei was small, Xia Liu taught her to use garlic breath against Zhen Zi, probably as a way to make her obey if she ever gets out of control.

Xia Yu once threw a cat into the dimension of Mie (滅) when he was in junior high, and Zhen Zi was told of this matter by the cat itself and later passed on the information to Xia Mei.


Whenever Xia Mei becomes Gui Wa, Zhen Zi would be summoned to help scare people as a ghost.

She is also capable of telepathically communicating with someone in the physical plane.

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