Zhong Wan Jun
Chinese Name 萬鈞
Full Name 中萬鈞
Role Main Character
Gender Male
Species Power User
Aura Golden-Yellow
Abilities Marble throwing
Special abilities {{{special}}}
Weapons Glass marbles
Status Alive
Dimension The Gold Dimension
Alternate counterparts Xiang Ming, Bronze Dimension
First Appearance Ko one Return ep.1
Portrayed by Lin Zi Hong
Zhong Wan Jun==

10 years later, Zhong Wan Jun is a member of the Ultimate Class and one of the main characters in Ko One Return and Ko One Re-act.


On the outside, Zhong Wan Jun has a very cold and indifferent character. He is usually silent and only contributes when it is important. Towards others, he adopts a very distant personality, choosing not to care about other people's matters. During most of the scenes in class, he does not interact with any of his classmates, and chooses to sit alone in the corner and sleep. However, he is also shown to be concerned about his classmates despite his distant personality. He cares especially for Lei Ting, who is his only childhood friend and crush. He is extremely protective of her, going as far as to risk his life regardless of the dangers involved just so that he can protect her. He commented that he would never let anyone hurt Lei Ting, including himself, and places her needs in front of his own. 


In terms of battle ability, he is an extremely capable fighter, being able to carefully and accurately judge his opponents capabilities and act accordingly. It is noted, however, that he can become rather reckless and attack without hesitation when Lei Ting is involved.

he does not have any specialised weapon. after the events of KO One Return it was assumed that the marbles was his weapon, but no, he has the ability to throw marbles with great accuracy and strength, the marble does not have to be any specula type, can be bought from any corner shop.

At the start of KO one Re-act, he is shown to possess power points of around 8700, and is the current KO.4. However, when he started being corrupted by demonic powers and slowly turned into a WuShi (武尸), he has his own powers increased to 12000 thus making him the current KO.1. After the events of KO One React he became powerless and is whereabouts became unknown 

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